The minor habit vs The major habit

Today I would like to share how to differentiate the minor habit and the major habit, as we know most people comment that habit can’t be changed for everlasting life, but now I will try to invite you to think together how to make new habit without feeling of regret, in the new century that not every human being can recognize their habits because they consider that habit will control everything they have without permission, but now I will try to reveal something hidden through the habit and discuss why so many people ignore their habit until finally they give up entirely.

The minor habit usually will not work if there is no friction or giving the training from the human mindset, the minor habits usually run itself if there’s big risk impact will happen to the particular person who wants to evolve, and the insurmountable thing can’t defeat to the man who can rotate his minor habit.

We need to distinguish between human’s mentality, virtue and passion, if we know how to apply the contrast between them, three of them will create the true of ambition for the human’s well-being, true ambition is discipline by doing something valuable to generate the special aptitude, there’s no man can be called as good man if he can’t apply discipline into his daily habit, the discipline can turn from the unproductive thing to become productive, if we keep doing consistently the minor habit, it will dominate our habit space area and it will turn into gears.

The minor habit can’t work automatically because the Minor habit belongs to discipline, consistent and commitment, three of them will be servant and it can be commanded by the human who is having super conscious mind, the ordinary people will not obsess the minor habit whereas the major habit will work to fulfill the human’s needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping and working, it lies into the human’s subconscious reflex nerves.

There is additional information: The unlimited wealth doesn’t grow under the major habit, but the unlimited wealth can be trained through the human’s minor habit, the purpose of the major habit’s function is making the human’s feeling satisfied whereas the purpose of the minor habit’s function is generating the human’s new potential and ensure the human always survive during facing the ghastly insurmountable thing.

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