The time vs The money

Today I would like to talk about how to learn about the basic of necessity which it can't be separated, as we know that necessity is part of human daily needs, the major necessity are part of two kind; the money and the time, both are limited resourceful which it can’t be separated from our life, those necessities are supporting us when we need to change something important or renew the lifestyle, what will we do with them?

The first thing we should remember is wasting the money for unprofitable purpose means we spend the money for fulfilling satisfaction, when we do it for longer time period, subsequently we have lost the value from it and we never be able to return the money and return the time either in the same number or same quantity, the longer we use for unprofitable purpose, the longer we don’t see our character value such as creativity, vitality and ingenuity.

We must remember that the money can mislead human being to the wrong purpose if they don’t know how to utilize them for the right purpose, and money can make human losing his value if humans are just spending the money for fulfilling their satisfaction, here is the method how to conquer the money is seeking its value, not seeking the amount, we can call them “don’t do something benefit for earning money but do it for improving your ambition”.

When we are trying to run business but we don’t hope the money to come into our account, that implication we don’t do it for money but we love what we do for other people’s livable, I know this method will make you perplexed, it’s very hard to accept this condition at the first attempt, but that the secret how to make our life enlightened and this method will help us to rule the necessity like time and money, life is not talking about you and me, but life is talking about all of us, the more money will adhere to the human around, the more risk will come into human’s personality, if we don’t learn how to survive without having necessity, we will not obtain the value from the necessity.

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