What difference between self-assertive and self-discipline?

self-discipline is a man, self-assertive is ladder

Today I would like to talk about what difference between self-assertive and self-esteem, most people are thinking self-assertive and self-discipline are part of strategies to build a good reputation, but now we will try to deepen the meaning of self-assertive and self-discipline.

Basically the reputation can be built throughout self-discipline but self-assertive can’t, why do I say that? Because the man who prioritizes self-assertive characteristic that he is able to makes himself a center of attraction, he is having full of confidence to give opinion to others people although other people don't care about it, self-assertive person usually thinks about "what other people want", and then he will try to fulfill what other people want, whereas self-discipline person prioritizes the long term plan and having clear purpose to build self-esteem
self-discipline is producing the pain in success

 Self-discipline usually has aimed the long term target in order to measure between his capability with the reality and he will invest his time and enthusiasm to learn the big pressing problem which may happen in every single day, someone who has self-discipline characteristic, he will draw everything benefit from the big pressing problem although he doesn’t like it, whereas self-assertive person usually aims the short term target and ignore the sophisticated moment which may happen in long term, self-assertive person usually spends his time to give opinion or judgment to many people in order to be accepted in the society, and then he deepens his opinions until one of best opinion will be liked by group of people in society.
self-assertive person prioritizes about what others want and he will resolve it soon

Self-discipline person always ignores the unimportant event which may not related with his daily target because he realizes the true ambition is discipline, he will do consistently no matter what It takes, he will sacrifice time and enthusiasm to promote his career through habit.

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