What does it mean “The cloud blockades the sunshine”?

Today I would like to share about the statement “the cloud blockades the sunshine”, as we know that we the cloud represents the miserable story from the humans being who are not really aware about what they done in the past, the most interesting story I will tell to you about “pursuing the money’s habit”, many people consider that if you relay want to earn money, you have to work because they need to survive In this life.

Many people are competing into each other in order to get work and try to earn money by pursuing the money’s habit, when they have been asked about it? Why you need to the money’s habit? Instead of making attraction to money’s habit, in my opinion, when people follow the money’s habit, they insist to create the cloud by creating the barrier to their mindset’s and also they will not let the sunshine comes in, why I say such thing? Because the money can’t create the value, in addition the money is just a tool in order to defend your life career from the money’s habits, basically the money is not made to serve the human’s destiny, the money’s habit psychologically can shape the people’s life under threat, so that reason I call “the cloud blockades the sunshine”.

The human’s emotional feeling is stuck when people have touched the money’s habit, that’s law, it can influence the human mindset to do something useless, so people will not aware a bit regarding this matter, so most people will save their money after it is left because they know money have satisfied their happiness, it is totally wrong idea, the object will satisfy you is your most interest value you have built, when someone decreases the money’s number amount from his bank account is describing that he has lost his talent, when his talent doesn’t grow, that means he is trapped in the money’s habit automatically.

So the question how to make cloud is moving away from your daily’s habit, and the sun will shine you, the first thing we must do is don’t just follow the money but you must observe about what kind of creation you are interested with, the second thing is ensure you have utilized your interest value in order to create another value, the third thing is don’t involve the money to develop your interest, but recognize the most interest you have and create the ambition you want to shape, when you do it continuously, you deliberately let the sunshine builds your mentality to resurrect  your talent.

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