What factor makes me trapped in my frightening issue?

Today I would like to talk about the reason “what factor makes me trapped in my frightening”, this story has been adopted from my life, I was resurrecting my frightening’s feeling in year 2000’s because I didn’t have a higher purpose to build a skill, at that time I had no future, every time i did something for myself, the result didn’t make any necessity, every single day I fulfilled my life for making a desperation, but I didn’t know what exactly I was doing in that particular area, I lost something benefit, I lost attention of love, I was dedicated to spend a money, not earn money etc.

Years later, i rearranged my purpose of life and pinpoint where I must go and when I change my old mindset to become a unique person, then i remember note “when you have nothing, it because of you had committed to make yourself a mediocrity, so having a higher purpose is the only way how to seduce my old mindset to become a resourceful person for my everlasting life”

The factor in which it makes someone is afraid of something because he had been trained through his habit and he succeeded to visualize his image to be a larger picture, the second factor what makes someone is afraid of something because he lack of knowledge about the object he was frightening the most, the third factor what makes someone is afraid of something, he has heeded about someone’s warning without considering with the fact.

If he keeps motivating himself to enlarge his frightening imagination day by day, he can’t see any opportunity in the short time period because his frightening result has grown enough to blockade his bright future, remember this note: light and darkness will happen to human’s life but all needs human’s decision, moving away from the frightening issue will not create a new decision, instead making the frightening issue will make someone go blind, if we want to face the frightening object, we must updated our knowledge to stop the frightening’s weakness.

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