What important thing needs to be prepared from now?

Today I would like to share what’s important thing needs to be prepared from now, as we know that many people are concerned so much about the daily target, they will afraid when they can’t achieve the target, most people think daily target is important rather than everything, but there is something missing in their target namely the long term mindset and the clear vision.

We must know that someone who is having clear vision, it will help him to create an infinite universe in their mindset, without having clear vision, they don’t know what’s biggest thing we need to evolve, the reason why most people are easily to be failed in the short time period because they just prioritize to fulfill their feeling of satisfaction by doing the same standard and same mistake, if they do such thing, unwittingly they make the worst plan in their whole life namely forget about having small happiness in the short time period, the meaning of having small happiness are divided into two things: the first thing is someone  has the rich healthy to create new path to generate his idea and the second thing is someone has a much free time to make a new creation in every single day, that’s daily homework we need to build as the VIP  target.

If we want to know what important thing we need to prepare from now, we need to observe about the different orientation between our fearfulness and our satisfaction, without recognizing the differences between both, we will go to the desperation area in the long time period, the main reason is the satisfaction is one of human character which it doesn’t want to promise the prosperous living, that’s ideology we need to learn from it, the satisfaction will ensure you are going to lose hope to get the real happiness and the true ambition in the long time period.

make enlightenment creates new creation and new resources in every single day 

The fearfulness and satisfaction are not helping us to create value in the long time period, indeed it will diminish our aptitude and our mentality in the short time period, time and hope are living in the self-motivated person’s mindset and he is always targeting new creation in every single day, that’s prerequisite to engage the big difference and how to obtain the prosperous living in everlasting life.


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