What is bad self esteem?

bad self esteem is not talking about you, but talking about your expectation

Today I would like to talk about bad self esteem, many people are trapped in the bad experience and most people tend to repeat their memorial story with new venture because they think the future will repeat the past memory, that is the major problem i need to share with you, as we know the happiness can guide you to the sanctuary place and also the happiness can teach you how to be a new person beyond your imagination, the bad self esteem is kind of mental disease which ensuring the ordinary people will demand the expectation from others rather than prepare something to be waited by expectation.
bad self esteem is refusing the big chances

I am really sure everybody has ever tasted bad during obtaining self esteem, the reason why people will taste bad in life during maintaining self esteem because there’s law how to get self esteem, a life test is suffering, when you can survive during taste suffering, you will get happy, otherwise when you will not survive during taste suffering, you will be prison in your self esteem, it’s law.

Self esteem has no border to define between who you are today and what truly you become in the future, so sometimes we are forced to feel unfairly treatment during fulfilling career because life wants to teach us how to prepare the precious thing we have ever had in this life.

Life guides us to see the unfairly treatment in order to make us learn how to survive, I am really sure there is no one in this world wants to taste the unfairly treatment, if people want to taste the unfairly treatment, they can’t get self-motivated due to they tend to avoid suffering and pain, sometimes we are forced to choose the pain or we will choose the pain to build self esteem, that is bad effect during building the self esteem, on the other hand we will get happiness and on other side we feel like a hostage to fortune.
self esteem always prepare the valuable things for himself and others

Before we build self esteem, we must determine what kind of risk we should pick, please take note: every satisfaction has different meaning with self esteem and satisfaction tends to lead us refusing any big change from us, whereas self esteem tends to lead us to keep improving with our quality of ability and also we must engage any risk once it is needed.

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