What is difference between ambition and greedy?

the greedy people don't have self-control

Today I would like to share about difference between ambition and greedy, that’s part of human’s characteristic, but now we will try to learn the setback from the common failure which may attack on the human’s ambition, ambition usually will not hassle in the human daily activity but the greedy characteristic always hassle the human’s creativity over and over again until the human being can’t differentiate the distinction between the ambition and greedy.
true ambition is discipline

The greedy characteristic usually will not let the human being to be patient during fulfilling the career, every good ambition can measure the human’s capacity otherwise the greedy can’t measure the human’s capacity, instead it usually evokes the people’s mindset to take profit as much as they can without considering the risk in the last moment.
ambitious people are always become persistent

The ambition can be measured by applying our discipline, consistent and commitment in our daily habit, there’s no man can predict about his future except he is doing what he loves it in the daily habit, the ambition really respects with the progress without breaking the law, as the long way said “there’s no elevator to elevate us to the success, only the stairs to make us walk to the success”
ambitious people are having self-motivated rather than common people

In the 1980’s, many people had educated their children to get a job and they turn their children’s mindset to become greedy to earn money, the main reason because they think money can change something importance in this life, if the their mindset was true, why so many people were not getting the prosperous during earning the money, my consideration to answer their mindset that their mindset were educated by money long time ago and unwittingly money had educated people to be money making machine for everlasting, so we can learn from 1980’s people mindset that they were talking about the speculation, not talking about the realistic, if we want to create the clear ambition, stop focusing on our obsession the right now and starting to make long term mindset to shape a new pattern of courage, after we have enough courage, we are ready to fuel our ambition to create an accomplishment, and finally we can see our new destiny.

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