Why 1980s people were greedy in money?

Today I would like to share how to learn 1980’s people mindset, at that time many people’s live in the poverty state, every day they feel insecure because of lack of money, almost every single day they use their mentality to earn money although they hadn’t had enough experience.

On the other hand their government can’t provide a lot of jobs to the society, so when people need something to make them survived, they sacrificed their time and their vitality to get some money, every single day they faced the ghastly insurmountable thing, we observed based on the statistic data, in the year 1980s many people had lost their dream and their ambition because of possessing the money’s habit namely greedy.

 We all know that money is part of essential thing in the human’s living, but we forget that money can’t activate the human’s virtue, so whatever we do for the money, all result will turn everything valuable into powerless, once the money has succeeded to educate the human’s mindset, the money will erase all human’s hope of quest and human’s purpose of life, that is the most dangerous had ever happened in year 1980’s generation.

After 1980’s generation was over, the next generation still were not got the training program from their parents how to learn the financial freedom in the daily habit, so the chain of greedy characteristic still embed strongly to the new generation’s mindset, this condition can’t be abandoned, so we need to make new revolution by educating the next generation how to recognize the money’s habit.

The greedy characteristic usually attacks to the person who doesn’t have the viable financial monitoring in the daily routine activity, and also the greedy characteristic usually attacks to the type of person who doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur, here is the clue: the main reason why the greedy characteristic is attacking the human’s mindset because most people assume the greedy characteristic is part of their life standard and they think money is the basic necessity

 The ambitious person and the greedy person are having different meaning; the ambitious person considers the time is the most essential asset how to generate the passion and the creativity; the ambitious person makes both resourcefulness work together in order to create the quest, whereas the greedy person always considers money will secure his satisfaction and he is no having long term mindset to secure money from his satisfaction, remember this note: when people sacrifice all human virtue for money, the human will lose dignity, lose of significant, lose creativity and lose the integrity, it's natural law

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