Why comfortable can’t create security?

Today I would like to share about the topic why comfortable can’t create security, long time ago many people were arguing how to create comfortable by earning much money in every single day, but in the reality many people were still poor at that time because they didn’t know how to confront their financial problem, the main cause I want to reveal “they can’t secure the emotional feeling”

The comfortable feeling can be created when people succeed to secure their desire through daily habit, clear their doubt from insurmountable problem is the most accurate method how to deal with uncomfortable situation, feeling comfortable can’t be validated in permanent condition because it can’t change the rule, it creates security otherwise the comfortable seduces you to work on your weaknesses, and also it makes you think that you are not going to evolve.

comfortable creates unproductive thing

The things are most at risk in the human’s life is when people decide to leave the routines job activity or the comfort zone and people start to do business, during the first time period, the circumstance will make we feel uncomfortable, we feel perplexed, finally we will live in this world insecure, if one day we feel bad with such condition, we just need to embrace the insurmountable thing to build mentality to secure the essential life, without friction we will not grow up.
embrace the risk  and learn from it

So how can we improve? We just need to remember this note; when we feel lost love, lost the significance, lost attention, etc. that mean we need to leave the comfort zone and start to do business to secure our essential life such as build good reputation, build self-esteem, build a trust to other people, that’s example how to face any risk which may happen in our daily life, otherwise when we feel comfortable in the comfort zone area, that’s mean our special skill is going to ruin because we prioritize the self-satisfaction rather than building self-esteem.