Why feeling of secure can’t create the comfortable

Today I would like to share about the question “why feeling of secure can’t create the comfortable”, I am sure many people are trying to compel their idea to find way to make their surrounding looks comfortable and secure, but when they are trying to combine secure and comfortable in their routine activity, instead they make something to be perplexed about which most priority activity they should do.
secure will lock everything precious

There’s positive reason why feeling of secure can’t create comfortable; namely the feeling of secure will take you away from the negativity mindset, there many ways how to make everything secure although you are insecure emotion state, the first thing you must do is securing your mentality from the toxic people’s habit, don’t let them work on your orientation because when you are going to work with them, means you will work on your weaknesses, finally you probably find your ways not going to work because you employ the failure to motivate your career.
the comfortable doesn't need key of secure but secure needs it

The most important at the first step to build a secure mentality is creating the good habits and secure your mentality by associating with the good influenced people, if they don’t know how to make yourself comfortable, it doesn’t matter, at least they will give you three kind of securities, namely (emotion intelligence, intellectual intelligence and physical intelligence), please pay attention: you will not find 3 kind of securities at the common people who has the lowest mentality in their group because the great people just want to adhere with the good influencer in the long time period, not just picking up people from the unknown resources.
security promises prosperous

The second step you must do to make situation looks secure is making long term mindset and having clear purpose, that is the reasonable method how to create the comfortable in your career zone in everlasting, we let the long time period is going to measure whether your secure action or massive action can pay your effort? if you do something benefit to many people in long term mindset, you probably forget about temptation from the toxic mindset people where they try to put inside to your mindset in the short time, once you have compelled yourself to achieve the long time target, you will not taste the insecure feeling which may knock you down


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