Why the impatient person can’t see the clear purpose?

Today I would like to discuss about the question why the impatient person can’t see the clear purpose, maybe you will think that the complex problem is the main cause, now we will try to deepen the main cause why the impatient person goes blind in his target, as we know the suffering is optional, whether you want to choose it or not, the suffering will be there and it has been run long time ago before the human was born naturally, that’s reason we need to comprehend about the meaning of it.

At this moment I would like to explore how to reduce the bad influence which is making the human having the impatient characteristic, as we know the implication of impatient will not attack us as long as we have opened our eyes to see lots and observe lots about our mission, if there’s no friction, our eyes will not work double as the suffering people see about their recent condition, what will we do now? The first thing we should do is research about what problem will evoke our mindset to think about the bad thing, the second thing is we observe about what factor will invite the bad thing to come closer in our mindset.

After we spend our time to research about two factors of the problems above, day by day our mindset can see the clear purpose because we succeed to convince our mindset with good influence, the reason why the impatient person can't see the clear purpose because the impatient characteristic are refilling their heart with full of doubt, the impatient characteristic usually attacks people who don’t have self-motivated, how to ensure whether you are being impatient or not, it is depending from your questioning and your reasoning result, the stronger reason you created, the more opportunity you open a lot, the more question you created, the more opportunity to answer all doubts, if you really have strong reason to make valuable thing for other people’s needs, that mean you have taught yourself how to become patient person.


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