Why not everyone can buy dignity?

Today I would like to talk about dignity, as we know that dignity is human’ special characteristic which can determine what kind of person wants to become  in the future, sense of important and value will adhere to the person who brings a good influence and the result will bring big impact to many people.
respect and dignity will create harmonious 

The reason why not everyone can buy dignity because they are not willingly to pay something benefit from their belongings to as many as people, dignity will adhere when someone was responsible for the thing he had prepared in the pastime and he promoted it in order to get source of information from other people’s experience, as we know in the modern area is representing the digital technology, some people are sharing about their product value in short term but the rest people are not willingly to pay something big in their future because they are afraid of changes which may injure to their last reputation, last reputation will create the number of profit, but not earning benefit, benefit will come to us after we did it consistently.

When someone is not trying something to prove about what he deserves, he will not get benefits from his mistake, I just want to remind you that not every mistake will end the mistake because some benefits of mistake will generate good results and every good result comes from the series productive mistake, if someone doesn’t want to bring his ambition to the crisis state, that mean he doesn’t create productive mistake, the implication of their action will not get dignity and all possibility will end futile.

People who have dignity characteristic, they will not show about his result of weaknesses, but he will promote about the benefit he has made, at the first career he doesn’t aim earning a lot of money because he knows dignity needs long term process to grow, after many years later, finally his dignity will create big opportunity until it will become self-confidence and the money will come from the unexpected ways.


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