Why people will taste the critical life?

Today I would like to talk about the question “why people will taste the critical life?”, in this life we will face the mistaken no matter what condition, but now we will try to remake the world by defeating the critical life, at the first step we must make plan in order to make crucial decision and countermeasure the dangerous potential which may happens in our daily activity.

 The insurmountable thing is made by the unknown impact which it was coming from the past time’s circumstance and normally it will bring the negative impact in order to know whether any human being who wants to take the challenge or not, if no one will take it, the insurmountable thing will happen again and again until there’s another person who wants to take a challenge.

How to know that you are the matched guy with those challenges? The answer is when you are succeeding to break the challenge, you have willingness to break your limit, that’s we call the growth, you are grown up today not because you are smart by doing in today, but your result says that you are the latest best version that you have ever built the commitment from the long time ago and also you have prepared your best preparation until the present time, the next question is how to know that you are best version? You take challenge, you keep improving your knowledge and you make the wisdom, remember this note; only the last man standing who can order the moment until he creates the product of commitment from himself and only the common people who has no enough courage to take the commitment, instead they are busy to wait the opportunity.

Here most people don’t get, they don’t observe the suffering’s affection, every critical life is going to make positive impact and offer the prosperous in wealth and peace, the critical life is educating human how to escape from the past time and help people to compel their ideas to face any friction in this life, without friction definitely there is no growth, without friction definitely offers confusion and social conflict in this life.  

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