Why teacher always accept mistaken?

Today I would like to share about the statement “why teacher accepts mistaken, there are many reason why he is willingly to accept it, the first reason; teacher knows that he is not going learn something new except he makes some mistakes, the second reason; teacher knows when someone will not accept the failure, at that time he will not do something new or he isn’t trying yet, the third reason; teacher knows once he is accepting a mistaken means his aptitude is going to evolve in order to welcome the larger possibilities ahead.
create your true faith first when you want to accept the mistaken
There is nothing worse to be stupid when keeps trying a new thing because he knows life is full of uncertainty, Teachers will not stay at comfort zone because he knows living at comfort zone means someone is doing same over and over again, also he always do whatever he can does something, the criteria how to reach the success is knowing your potential through making mistake.

Someone who has utilized teacher mentality, he will ignore the negative thinking which it is coming from his source, sometimes we need to ignite the ambition in order to measure between where we are recently and where we want to become, most people are not willingly to accepting a mistake because their mindset have been trained through habits.

Please remember this, whatever you are doing valuable thing for the future, the process will not make you loss in every single time, but that’s the long term indicates you will accept the unknown reward in which case the unknown reward will determines your type of happiness during you learn something, teacher knows every mistake will create the revolution, it will get him smarter than before, that’s law, having a mistaken during creating the improvement process doesn’t destroy the life career because the success area is dwelling on top of mistaken accumulation, the failure is happening when someone is not taking the risk, stop trying and do nothing the beneficial.

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