How to think like a hero

Today I would like to talk how to think like a hero, as we know that hero’s figure often to be drawn as someone who is wearing the mask or wearing the cape or where he can save many people from the bad guys in different ways, but now we will try to study how to think like a hero, now we will try to collect some information in order to know about the hero’s characteristic, the hero’s mindset and the hero’s habit.

The first thing we can learn from hero is he always doesn’t care about the limitation, he thinks knowledge is limited and imagination is unlimited, and he assumes the limitation is always blocking his power to gain some knowledge, a hero always think limitless and use his insatiable curiosity to develop his limitation, the second thing we can learn from the hero is he likes to learn the new thing in every single day in order to challenge about his capability, he always accepts the limitation but he never feel satisfied about what he is doing with that, so he keeps doing consistently although there’s nobody praises him.

The third thing we can learn from hero is he does something good whereas what other people don’t always do it in every single day because he knows time is very limited, so he considers tomorrow is the second chance for him to improve and create the momentum, the fourth thing we can learn from the hero is he always lighting the hope, no matter how much darkness in his life, no matter how chaotic of his vision, he keeps hoping and doing something mystery to let him out from his darkness.

 The fifth thing we can learn from the hero is he always believes about his philosophy, he thinks philosophy is the strong reason to make him stepping larger responsibility, so he plans something good today to achieve the next opportunity in the long term, the hero’s mindset is embedded “no matter how pathetic we are in our time being, no matter how slower you are moving your milestone, the greater opportunity and the greater responsibility always await us, the key is keep moving in uncertainty” 

Resist the laziness

Today I would like to talk about resist the laziness, as we know that laziness is part of unproductive habit, even though some people claim laziness is one way how to reduce stress, this solution will not work when we want to achieve target may seem intractable, laziness is making people busy with unproductive thing and evoke people’s mindset to make procrastination with every aspect in life.

Not everyone can admit laziness is part of bad habit because they think laziness is the natural respond from the human’s body and human’s mind, but now we will try to observe the main reason why people want to get laziness, in fact on the other hand they want to get happiness in their whole life, so there is something mismatch between their consciousness mind and subconscious mind, the most reasonable reason why people start to be lazy person because they don’t know why they get laziness, laziness is an optional, not part of human habit.
laziness is part of self discipline in order to make procrastination

The sign of laziness is the laziness actually just indicates the human doesn’t know how to react when there’s moment is approaching to them, the second thing why people start being lazybones because they often to procrastinate when they are doing the single job. So the problem is not coming from the human’s habit, but the problem is coming from the human’s decision.
the lazybones always feel lost

 The laziness is the derivative of procrastination, so when people often to apply that habit, that’s mean they deliberately to magnify their blind spot area in the comfortable place, this universe will not give the reaction when people like to behave reactive such as the water ripple, the universe will give the reaction when people like to behave proactive.
the lazybones people are working to worship the money

 Laziness and procrastination are often haunting the people’s mindset in every single day, so we must be ready when there is opportunity comes ahead of our breathing, no matter there’s a good day or a bad day, laziness is always coming and approaching us when we open the door to welcome it, and laziness is not reactive when we are busy to build self-esteem and create momentum ahead.

Love is critical and crucial to be employed

Today I would like to talk about love, it has unique characteristic because it will be critical when we utilize to make the pain relief and love can be crucial when we use to gain the potential and talent within our subconscious mind, so love is not talking about how much expression you will create through your habit, but love is talking about the responsibility.

Now we are trying to deepen the love’s message through the human’s daily life program, love will not appear when we lose of hope about what we have done, love will not take a responsible about what we were doing in the past, love is like the natural energy which ensures we are doing something right with our creativity and not doing the dangerous thing such as destruction.
we can shape the power of love or we will be shaped by power of love

Love will crash our creativity when we don’t employ it for making one good purpose, sometimes love can’t be separated from vitality and passion because love is the mother of energy which can influence the both energy and love lies between vitality and passion in order to help human being for making wonderful experience in this life, the love’s purpose is teaching people how to bear the intractable problem without leaving from power of hope.
protect your love from the heart breaker

Love wants us to be participant in this world where love sues human being to utilize the power of love to invent the new thing in this universe, love is critical and it can kill the human’s characteristic when humans just put their love to the wrong addressee, it means when humans fall in love with others, human must know the detail about the spouse’s characteristic, when humans just put their love without considering with who they fall in love with, there is only available hurt when they taste about the love, Without considering the ability to control the power of love, people are being hurt by love for everlasting, so we must be careful with someone else who we invite with, not all people are aware how to know about the love’s habit, if we don’t learn about the love’s characteristic, we will become love’s victim.

Regain the consciousness from the mistake

Today I would like to talk about how to regain the consciousness from mistake, we all know that not everyone agree to accept mistake because they think mistake is indicating to the retard people or stupid people, but at this point I want to invite you how to think differently about regain the consciousness from mistake, here is the rule to guide us how to regain the consciousness; we will not able to regain our consciousness unless we already prepare how to create the momentum within the moment, create momentum is the ultimate resource how to regain the consciousness.

The meaning of statement above mentioned is although mistake is coming over and over again against us, it doesn’t indicate we are deserved to be a retard person, but the mistake is making us aware something different and it helps us to pinpoint the best advice from the mistake, so the mistake is not the main cause how to make us frustrated, the but main problem is we are insist to magnify the complaint’s size to the same situation until we don’t know how to wake up from the hard situation.
drive our brain to move forward to welcome the unexpected situation

The hard situation is deliberately making us get trapped because life is wanting us to know why we are trapped in the hard situation, it doesn’t matter at all as long as we keep tracking on the path and leave a trail in order to guide us creating some experience, mistake will come and approach to the person who is willingly to accept the mistake, the reason why he desires about it because he realizes every mistake lies the opportunity to regain his consciousness, that the key of growth.
accept the mistake and we will grow up better than anyone else does

 Not everybody wants to accept the mistake because they just follow the majority of people’s mindset, not looking the people who have many experience to have the right mindset, the right mindset usually teaches how to respect the process, not following the majority of people’s mindset who tell about the instantly result in the plan, make long term plan is the one way how to measure the difference level between we knew nothing at the first time until we reveal the truth.

Don’t break your eggs until they hatch

Today in this article I would like to talk about “egg and chicken”, this story seems familiar and now I just want to deepen the meaning of it, as we know that this life needs process to create new thing, life creates creativity and the nature is patient during running process, sometimes we are forced to wait the long process because the nature needs time to run the process until it will end successfully.

Nature and human are having same characteristic, such as vitality, patient, creativity, talent, intelligent, ingenuity and limitation, but in this section we will see the difference between human and nature, nature is always believing the process whereas human is denying the process, so we don’t have any right to push the process to follow what we want, when we breaks the rule, process will not run as naturally, on the other hand our patience will be insolvent because our patience are not enough to pay the momentum.

Every invention needs ingenuity, then ingenuity needs repetition from the human’s creativity, but we must remember that every creativity will not work when it’s content is not having different subject, whereas the creativity is working when we are doing different in every single day to achieve one purpose.

Doing same subject will make us stuck to the one place, so when everybody employ his ingenuity to make creativity, let creativity is running the process and we just need to prolong our patience to welcome new creativity, that is HOPE (Hold On, Pain Ends). Egg represents the human’s creativity, the light represents a hope, chicken represents commitment, we need several days to make the egg is being hatched by its process, the question is “What are we going to do when the egg is processing to be hatched?”, we keep producing the egg.

Please remember; every egg will not know when it will be hatched, the only sensible way we need to do is trusting with process and keep producing the chicken, sometimes we are left behind with the next process in order to know how persistent you are to make the creativity is really ending, process is our guidance, we are being taught by process to be strongest, boldest person in this life, only surprising will let us know how the result really ends, means our hard working eventually not know when all hardworking will be successful or they are being accepted by its process, sometimes we need to let go of something benefit in order to catch the big deal, then the next process will let us moving to the higher place in order to make us ready to accept the biggest reward, that is life mission.

How to understand the pain

Today in this article I would like to talk about how to understand the pain, as we know many people are feeling bad, they consider there’s something wrong with their own thinking but they don’t know “why”, as if they had been trapped into their own commitment until they don’t know how to get out of it, in every single day they are not interested by doing something new because they assume pain is always blockading people’s creativity.

When they concern the pain, they only get destruction from it, so I am really sure people will find new trouble in their whole life once they insist to resist the pain, before we judge pain is the severity disease, I will ask to them “pain is created by who? when humans are trying to oppose the reality and life’s plan, who will activate the cure for a pain? suffering is appearing when people follow their commitment, so pain is inevitable thing but suffering is one's having too much obsession about mystery”.

When people failed to make commitment, not because of adversity goes and comes into human’s life, but the main cause is people are not living naturally with real situation, that’s mean people get failed by their default, we just need to balance between self-commitment and self-awareness when pain is appearing, sometimes we need to make the contingency plan to make pain is appealing and it gives us the additional energy to make another route once the one path doesn’t work for us.

 Something doesn’t work, not because of one’s commitment result, but we don’t choose to live naturally with the adversity, adversity is created by life circumstance in order to give us an option to think what we are doing with such condition, life wants to know how competent we are once there’s hardest part puts us into trouble.

Sometimes we need to choose the wrong path to make us awareness about something wrong and doing right will teach us how to be wise man, please remember this note: we only need self-awareness to promote the pain as the booster in life because pain is one of awareness, when you break one pain, it will help you to break another pain, and pain becomes a cure.

making pain as motivational option

All we need to do as human is understanding about our possession and exceed the expectation by engulf pain for temporary action, let one pain will heal all another one. Making one decision is not difficult option, the most difficult option understandings about life’s pain, but when you succeed to understand the life’s pain, you will become a master because you can cure all human’s pain.

Highest potential

Hi, good reader, welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of health, wealth, and happiness, Today I would like to share about the topic "highest potential", the main reason why I choose that topic because many people want to possess highest potential for fulfilling their career, but unfortunately their potential will not work like what they desire, do you know why ? Because people only focus about what they want and they don't want to adapt with unpleasant experience, it is not congruent, if people want to achieve something they never possess, they must receive something they never receive before, such as failure, rejection, adversity, mistake, this is rule we need to follow, at the first time, maybe you will think you must collect everything you want after you work at company, but in reality, you can't apply your ego into reality because you can't fulfill what life wants, no wonder life doesn't follow what you want because you don't have highest potential, life only follows you if you have fulfilled what life wants consistently, that's mutual relationship, the first we must do if we want to possess highest potential, we must tame the beast (ego) within us, as long as we can't conquer it, we will never reach our highest potential, sometimes we need to put ourselves to the hard situation to measure how fast we can learn from painful experience and how far we can go with the pain, that's how to monitor our growth potential.
the beast represents human's ego
 When the situation puts us into the hard situation, don’t be afraid about it because that's strategy how to unlock potential, we will never know our potential until we challenge our ego to do something we never try before for other people's problem, remember this law; when there is problem, there is a seed of opportunity for harvesting our potential, if we train our habit to avoid problem, we will never find where our potential grows, starting from now, you must train your mind and heart to feel grateful if you get problem, God will never put problem to the wrong person, only deserved person will receive problem, you will get problem because God wants you to reveal something important that you left behind so far, here is the first thing you must do if you want to increase your potential; don't just follow your passion, but follow the majority of people's problem which is congruent with your passion, it means, you must develop your curiosity to know more about other people's problem, your potential will not grow if your passion can't fulfill other people's emotional problem, here is the second thing you must do if you want to increase your potential; don't be lazy to upgrade your standard in order to be matched with higher difficult problem, this strategy is recommended for people who are running business, this strategy is very difficult to apply in reality because ever human has different ego, the more often people increase their ego, the fewer golden opportunity people will get, the beast (ego) within us will fight us if we feed our ego with instant pleasure consistently, such as drinking alcohol, pornography, watching TV in hours, etc. whereas, the beat (ego) will turn into potential if we feed it with new knowledge, new inspirational story, unpleasant experience, adversity, disciplined action, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this information can give you an idea to improve your life, good luck. 

No good data, No good experience

reading book is part of making good experience

Today in this article I would like to talk about data and memory, data will determine the direction where people are going, and data will tell people what kind of decision people are going to deal with it, what will we do to make good experience? The first thing we must deal with book, book represents about the purpose and it represents your unique sense of your skill, the successful people know about the book’s title they are going to read, the book will describe about someone’s future, the more book people will read, the more opportunity will lead them to the new ways.
to collect good experience, we need to make tough decision ahead

“There is no meaningful chance when there’s nobody will arrange his time to make little accomplishment through learning liability”, reading book is like to try conquering someone’s fear, no fear will spread to human’s mindset when there’s knowledge within human’s mindset because there’s only knowledge has ability to blockade the fear and diminish a doubt.
intention and awareness = energy

Bad experience will not create good data but the bad experience will help human being to prevent the same mistaken which is going to happen tomorrow, when someone is embracing the bad experience, it doesn’t mean he deliberately chooses that treatment, he just learns how to synchronize the unconscious mind data and make it to be the precious experience in his life, the unsystematic habit indicates someone needs to make the contingency plan to rearrange his spiritual energy to create new emotion and make good data in his brain memory.

The only way we can do to collect some good data is by embracing new problem which we may dislike to learn it, in order to learn about the meaning of life, sometimes we can’t choose which good way or bad way of something when it deliberately approaches to us, we only need to appreciate the process and stop making accusation to something which may goes in the wrong way, running in the wrong direction sometimes is better than standing still, we should not resist the fact and accept it as the consequently to live in peace.

How to learn the people’s judgment

the indecisive people can't make good judgment

Today I would like to talk about how to learn the people’s judgment, we all know that judgment is the ability to make sensible decision after carefully checking the best to do, the best is not part of the end loop, by that means we still have a lot of improvement to rectify some points which may raise misleading point to the wrong direction.
please check up your experience before judging something

Now we will try to comprehend about the people’s judgment, as we know that the judgment will determine size of reason and big reason will evoke human mindset to create the action, so if we want to learn the people’s judgment, the first thing we need to know whether the human’s has enough competent or not during judging about the object, we must be careful at this step because the wrong judgment will create wrong direction, wrong direction will mislead the human’s emotional feeling to the desperation area, in addition, the human’s emotional unintentionally will deceive the human mindset once human doesn’t know how to differentiate between the true judgment or the wrong one.
the coward people will make careless judgment

The second thing we need to learn is about the past’s history and the human’s experience, the good judgment is coming from the human’s best experience, without having enough good experience, someone will lose his way how to make good judgment, we can’t allow ourselves to spread the freely judgment without considering the fact, the wrong judgment will create wrong idea and the wrong idea will create stupidity.
Talking is easy but making wise decision needs good judgment

The safety judgment must align to the proven system which is ensuring every the judgment will not make the wrong accusation, if there’s no prove there is no judgment, here is the bad news; if human is deliberately making the wrong judgment freely, it will evoke other people’s mindset to make the same mistake as the influencer did before.
clearness judgment is coming from the clear mindset

The good judgment must be aligned with the fact, realistic news and also there’s enough proven system as the supporting data, the competent people will not make careless judgment before they are having enough data to support what they have done, the judgment’s value will be meaningless when people consider the rumor as the best data. The wrong judgment is like the computer’s virus, it will spread to our mindset once we are not carefully choosing the best thing from it, If people choose to live together with the wrong judgment and ignoring the fact, they will not find themselves in their peacefully heart, in addition they will do the destructive thing in the environment and also they will harm to other people’s habit.

The bad thing never happen

Today in this article I would like to talk about the bad thing, we all know there is no one who likes to accept the bad thing, this life is hitting us with the brick because we never consider there is something good behind with the bad thing, this life is never asking us about our judgment whether we will make the agreement or disagreement until life is always happening to complete us.

The bad thing is going to happen when we consider there is always mistake to the experience of life, good thing and bad thing are part of the normal mind saying, life is never making bad accusation to stain our reputation, life is reflecting about our mind thinking, we need to make strategy to think about reason “what we are pushing against?” and why don’t we allow ourselves to try something new until we know at the end loop, so there’s something good behind the bad thing when we consider it as clarity of purpose.
life is teacher and human being is student

Before the life is going to make us engaging the unlimited wealth, it is going to make us stronger than before, the bad thing is happening when we don’t have enough data to test our last capacity, our capacity will grow and expand when we pass the mistaken we have made it, so our memory data in the brain needs the higher standard value to pronounce there’s always good behind the bad thing, the bad thing never want to make us hurt until we understand the meaning of it, the bad thing is always happening when we don’t train our mind to agree with it or consider it as ultimate mistake.

The emotion will determine everything when we want it and the emotion also will deceive us when our judgment goes against the reality, considering the fact by thinking clearly is one of method which is making us know something new behind the unidentified information, so there is nothing wrong with our life, we only need to live naturally and do research to disclose about the unidentified information we will receive, so at the end result we will not touch the bad thing because we already know about the meaning of it.

How to overcome the life crisis

life crisis is pushing the human being to against the wind

Today I would like to talk about how to overcome the life crisis, many people consider life crisis is part of the world’s punishment, and some of people consider the life’s crisis is coming from the result of people’s misbehavior impact due to they were doing something dangerous thing in the pastime such as illegal logging, throw away to the poisonous material to the sea or river without filtering it, burn the forest, kill the endangered animals without considering the next generous species to regenerate,  running out of job vacancy, running out the oil supply, etc.
the life crisis will leave the precious pain to be learned by human being

 Don’t look at the life crisis at the glimpse because the life crisis will be coming at the unexpected condition, so we need to prevent the cause by learning something new such as research and make long term plan how to regenerate the human’s mindset. So at the first time, we need to make new invention such is idea which it is bringing the good effect for the next generation’s mindset in the future, we can’t resist the life crisis by using the fixed mindset, so all we need to do is making the new strategy such as changing the human’s lifestyle, that simple method which is teaching us how to predict the future.
to get the big idea, we need to build small idea and implement it in every single day

When we need to expect the better future, we need to do something today within 24 hours without procrastination, when we need to change tomorrow’s event, we need to blockade something bad by doing something good today, that we call the action like the game changer, new life will not happen when we don’t change our lifestyle for tomorrow. The life crisis is happening when there is nobody will change new thing in the life circumstance, when we can’t change the situation, we need to change ourselves, starting from the new habit and new vision to compare between the past time’s event and present time’s event.

What is a life crisis?

the sign of life crisis will change your capacity

Today I would like to talk about a life crisis, the definition of life crisis is the abnormal condition where it causes losing of balance in the great significant thing such as economy, serenity, prosperous, dignity, etc. the reason why the life crisis is happening because there’s something dangerous has happened and it brings impacts to the human living.
during mid life crisis, we feel lost but we don't die

As human being, we have never been assigned to do something we can do because life is not providing the well run’s path, tomorrow’s path has never been made unless there’s different size of track or there’s higher standard, before every human passes the life crisis, there’s always prerequisite term from life to be given for human being, life is giving us the prototype after life crisis is over because it already knew what we want to become in the future.
the symptom above will alter us to pass the life crisis

The life says “before I grant you the prosperous life, I will make you stronger by giving you the unlimited energy to fix something measurable”
, so based on the statement we can conclude the life indirectly has assigned us to come and fix the unstable thing such as improving the knowledge, learning how to unlearn the same mistake, learning how to stop arguing with something unknown, only good attitude which can prevent the worst thing may happen again.
life crisis will make every human gets stronger than before

The life crisis is always coming to us to the unexpected situation and unexpected condition, the life’s crisis’s schedule can’t be delayed, it can’t be broken or it can’t be accelerated, it always comes to the right time, no matter what happen in the present or later, it is inevitable, so what will we do as the human’s role? There are two options to be chosen; the first thing is we’re facing to mend the life’s crisis or the second thing is we will engage the miserable power, engage with the desperation and finally we will repent to unlearn the old mistake, The main purpose of life crisis not make human loss the capacity, instead of empowering the human capacity until we are stronger to deserve something we desire so much.