Doing something for nothing

Today I would like to talk about the topic “doing something for nothing”, maybe it is rarely to be discussed, but I will share my mean to you, the meaning of doing something for nothing is expressing about curiosity and appreciation about this life, you may doubt my opinion, but you will not escape from the life’s game namely “the gift never ask the returns to the receiver but the receiver must take responsibility from it”.

What will we do when we offer some people to do something for nothing?  I predict most people 85% will refuse this offering because they prioritize to obtain the amount of treasure rather than considering the unlimited gift which is invisible, 15 % people who want to do something for nothing, means they are not going to think about the treasure at the first time, but they believe the greatest rewards are lies behind the risk and crisis in life, when we continue to think about the end result, the only thing we engage in the future is nothing, there’s no valuable thing can be attained except we engage the hopelessness in life.

In the contrary, when we are doing something for nothing, means there is something great thing awaits us in the future, the only thing we need to do is discipline our mind and we insist to become a great participant, the next thing we do is using the ingenuity to produce the greatest things for the mankind’s kindness, if we focus to respect about the hardest thing in process, that means we are going to build the visible dream.

The unexpected gift will be given for type of person who wants to do something for nothing and he used the relentless spirit to reveal the truth, that’s good point if we seek behind the that statement’s meaning, there’s other important thing, when we just do something we can do, we never engage the opportunity, doing something in the same standard, that mean we only prioritize to satisfy personal’s satisfaction, when we just think about the material world, our soul will never feel enough about it, indeed the material world will gnaw our spirit until there’s no light will turn us on,
we need the extrinsic motivation to keep us going

so we need to borrow the true power from this universe to spread the sign of GOD through doing something for nothing, if we can’t make it happen, just keep breathing and keep the world peace, the biggest reward for people who spend the restrict time by doing something for nothing is the patience, I know the patience is not easy to deal with it, but here is the good news, the patience is not ability for pleasing the great participant but it can evoke the great participant’s mindset to keep attitude during doing something for nothing.