Don’t break your eggs until they hatch

Today in this article I would like to talk about “egg and chicken”, this story seems familiar and now I just want to deepen the meaning of it, as we know that this life needs process to create new thing, life creates creativity and the nature is patient during running process, sometimes we are forced to wait the long process because the nature needs time to run the process until it will end successfully.

Nature and human are having same characteristic, such as vitality, patient, creativity, talent, intelligent, ingenuity and limitation, but in this section we will see the difference between human and nature, nature is always believing the process whereas human is denying the process, so we don’t have any right to push the process to follow what we want, when we breaks the rule, process will not run as naturally, on the other hand our patience will be insolvent because our patience are not enough to pay the momentum.

Every invention needs ingenuity, then ingenuity needs repetition from the human’s creativity, but we must remember that every creativity will not work when it’s content is not having different subject, whereas the creativity is working when we are doing different in every single day to achieve one purpose.

Doing same subject will make us stuck to the one place, so when everybody employ his ingenuity to make creativity, let creativity is running the process and we just need to prolong our patience to welcome new creativity, that is HOPE (Hold On, Pain Ends). Egg represents the human’s creativity, the light represents a hope, chicken represents commitment, we need several days to make the egg is being hatched by its process, the question is “What are we going to do when the egg is processing to be hatched?”, we keep producing the egg.

Please remember; every egg will not know when it will be hatched, the only sensible way we need to do is trusting with process and keep producing the chicken, sometimes we are left behind with the next process in order to know how persistent you are to make the creativity is really ending, process is our guidance, we are being taught by process to be strongest, boldest person in this life, only surprising will let us know how the result really ends, means our hard working eventually not know when all hardworking will be successful or they are being accepted by its process, sometimes we need to let go of something benefit in order to catch the big deal, then the next process will let us moving to the higher place in order to make us ready to accept the biggest reward, that is life mission.