How do I improve my reputation?

Today I would like to talk about the topic how do I improve my reputation? As human being, the reputation is sign of retention, if someone wants to get good reputation but he is not willingly to make retention, as result he will ruin his own reputation through habit, there is none other way to keep reputation alive except he will make better improvement in every single day.

You may forget the moment you build reputation at the first time, but once you will lose every moment or opportunity in every single day, you will not see the clearest momentum of yourself, reputation is not just building popularity, popularity is not good purpose, but it’s optional which is taking a lot of risk within, I have seen many people are competing one of each other and against the rule because they think popularity is more important than reputation.

Don’t think popularity is attractive and invite full of happiness, in return, making yourself to become the self-centered person is not going to build good reputation, but it is going to ruin you from the unexpected reason, the reason why many people are becoming less confident today not because they are belong to rich family but they prefer to build a bad reputation rather than building a good value for other people’s lives.

Please remember this note; Reputation is not promising a prosperous life or popularity, but reputation is being built not because you deserve something good but you are responsible for the good things you have made one act of kindness for the mankind, in the future’s time, the reputation will invite you to become famous and popular person although you are not intending to make yourself becoming popular, but your biggest care and biggest value are promoting you to become the deserved person, so please keep in touch with your unlimited value and don’t ever forget to propagate the meaningful words to other people because one day your reputation relies upon it, there's additional information; once you keep your attitude to build a good character, your reputation will be known as many people soon or later.

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