How to find your passion?

Today I would like to share about passion, as far I know every people believe they have own luck to be prevailed in the reality life but to fulfill our passion, we need to make preparation to find our passion, once we don’t truly want to make preparation, we will not find passion to engage intuition which is informing in our subconscious mind.

Passion is like fuel, before you refill your ambition with fuel, the first thing you prepare is making a long term plan and explore the thing you want to build, the second thing you need to prepare is making conviction and prove that you deserve to win, the third thing you need to prepare is finding the lost love, you need to build something such as building your creativity by studying the most interesting subject which is making you interested, build your creation to make you different, build your ingenuity to solve other people’s problem.

Please remember this note: passion will not get away from you if you put your right mindset to the creation you want to build, passion will be alive when you discipline your mind and your body to build a freaking dream into passion, those people who are making themselves interested with their dream, those people will never doubted about what they have done and also they have never argued about mistake and failure because they know they will meet mistake.

You may reject the failure and mistake in one time, but every productive mistake will not forget your effort because the productive mistake will evoke your mindset to keep doing the target once you find difficulties, passion will let you to make the productive mistake because that’s only way how to keep you move forward, in addition, when you do something the same over and over again in the same standard, you will not find your passion because passion will be detected when you make a lot of progress in different level, if you really want to know when your passion works, you must provide something big to other people’s needs in short term period or in the long term period, that’s secret to get success in passion.

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