How to get wisdom in this life

wisdom is started from your decision

Today in this article I would like to talk about how to get wisdom in this life, as we know not everyone can get wisdom in their life because they are satisfied about what they did in the past time and they want to repeat the same thing in every single day, that is the reason very few people can obtain the revolution in every single year.

Wisdom in this life can’t be drawn by finishing the same assignment level, so we need to take another test to know what we are supposed to become in the future, when we don’t want to take another test, the meaning of that statement is we decide to fail at the first time before we obtain the extraordinary success, sometimes we need to push our limitation in order to realize us to open another door of opportunity, opportunity is unlimited, otherwise limitation is knowledge.
wisdom is making you enlightened

Before we can get wisdom through our experience of life, we need to make little accomplishment in order to measure how much distance we pass through in the life path, when we don’t know how much the wide of life path, so we need to walk on the path and leave the trail from it, sometimes we miss the momentum that the little trail can convince to this life to widen the greater path.

When we already know the life path will be widen, that’s symptom we will grow up and get wisdom from the life path and move us to the greater path, now the question is “are you ready to be challenged by the life to walk on the difficult route?”, this question is full of mystery because the only the individual person can determine which way he can convince himself to walk on the difficult route, many people refuse to choose the difficult route because they think they will never return to the starting point, in fact life has an optional motivation to make us choose that route, when people choose the easy rote, they will return to the starting point but they will never escape from the desperation area.
knowledge makes you clever but wisdom makes your life colorful

Once they engage to the desperation area, they will not find the new way to escape from the old track, please keep in your mind; the same track, means the same result, so their life are going to be filled by confusion, they need to light the fuse of hope in order to make them to be ready to accept the new commitment, sometimes this life is giving us the unexpected gift such as the new knowledge in order to make us stronger to walk away on the new track and get a new wisdom in this life, new wisdom will open the bright future and open the limitless wisdom, the limitless wisdom will unlock the true wealth, that is nature law

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