How to identify the game rule in life

Today I would like to talk about the topic “how to identify the game rule”, at the first time we were born with no experience in this universe, we are only child who has freedom to create something new and make thousands of mistake to reveal the truth, in order to know something beneficial about this life, we need to embrace the suck and make the productive mistake to born the creativity, that is the rule, as human being we are not living with inborn ability but we are given the naturalistic intelligent in order to let us know about our identity, the more we know who we are, the more hidden potential will appear.

 The hidden potential will work when we face problem, the game rule is designed not to make us hurt or being killed, but it is designed to help us making good preparation, we can’t change the game rule, all we need to do is enjoying the game until we win from it, so we are living with uncertainty of life, every single day we will embrace the suck to let us growing up, if we lose from the game, we are forced to replay the same game until we accomplish the concrete idea and solve the problem, that is purpose of life rule.

When we were born in this world, we are just given a restricted time, the natural energy and the solid material (human’s body), when we use those 3 things, we need to sacrifice our focus and power of habit to learn about the characteristic of game, game has habit and rule has own weaknesses. Passion, determination, courage, dream, sadness, suffer are part of game rule, all needs the concrete idea to activate it but unfortunately every idea can’t differentiate the right or wrong, so only mistake will let us identify the right or wrong, the mistake teaches us how we grow until we get clue, clue will transforms curiosity, every curiosity will born the critical question and every question is selected by us to create self-motivated, and the motivation will lead us going forward to the massive action. Please Remember one thing; the game rule in this life is not guaranteeing the happiness or the sadness but at least the game is designed to make us leading the power to the next journey and it lets us become the game changer.

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