How to learn the people’s judgment

the indecisive people can't make good judgment

Today I would like to talk about how to learn the people’s judgment, we all know that judgment is the ability to make sensible decision after carefully checking the best to do, the best is not part of the end loop, by that means we still have a lot of improvement to rectify some points which may raise misleading point to the wrong direction.
please check up your experience before judging something

Now we will try to comprehend about the people’s judgment, as we know that the judgment will determine size of reason and big reason will evoke human mindset to create the action, so if we want to learn the people’s judgment, the first thing we need to know whether the human’s has enough competent or not during judging about the object, we must be careful at this step because the wrong judgment will create wrong direction, wrong direction will mislead the human’s emotional feeling to the desperation area, in addition, the human’s emotional unintentionally will deceive the human mindset once human doesn’t know how to differentiate between the true judgment or the wrong one.
the coward people will make careless judgment

The second thing we need to learn is about the past’s history and the human’s experience, the good judgment is coming from the human’s best experience, without having enough good experience, someone will lose his way how to make good judgment, we can’t allow ourselves to spread the freely judgment without considering the fact, the wrong judgment will create wrong idea and the wrong idea will create stupidity.
Talking is easy but making wise decision needs good judgment

The safety judgment must align to the proven system which is ensuring every the judgment will not make the wrong accusation, if there’s no prove there is no judgment, here is the bad news; if human is deliberately making the wrong judgment freely, it will evoke other people’s mindset to make the same mistake as the influencer did before.
clearness judgment is coming from the clear mindset

The good judgment must be aligned with the fact, realistic news and also there’s enough proven system as the supporting data, the competent people will not make careless judgment before they are having enough data to support what they have done, the judgment’s value will be meaningless when people consider the rumor as the best data. The wrong judgment is like the computer’s virus, it will spread to our mindset once we are not carefully choosing the best thing from it, If people choose to live together with the wrong judgment and ignoring the fact, they will not find themselves in their peacefully heart, in addition they will do the destructive thing in the environment and also they will harm to other people’s habit.

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