How to overcome the life crisis

life crisis is pushing the human being to against the wind

Today I would like to talk about how to overcome the life crisis, many people consider life crisis is part of the world’s punishment, and some of people consider the life’s crisis is coming from the result of people’s misbehavior impact due to they were doing something dangerous thing in the pastime such as illegal logging, throw away to the poisonous material to the sea or river without filtering it, burn the forest, kill the endangered animals without considering the next generous species to regenerate,  running out of job vacancy, running out the oil supply, etc.
the life crisis will leave the precious pain to be learned by human being

 Don’t look at the life crisis at the glimpse because the life crisis will be coming at the unexpected condition, so we need to prevent the cause by learning something new such as research and make long term plan how to regenerate the human’s mindset. So at the first time, we need to make new invention such is idea which it is bringing the good effect for the next generation’s mindset in the future, we can’t resist the life crisis by using the fixed mindset, so all we need to do is making the new strategy such as changing the human’s lifestyle, that simple method which is teaching us how to predict the future.
to get the big idea, we need to build small idea and implement it in every single day

When we need to expect the better future, we need to do something today within 24 hours without procrastination, when we need to change tomorrow’s event, we need to blockade something bad by doing something good today, that we call the action like the game changer, new life will not happen when we don’t change our lifestyle for tomorrow. The life crisis is happening when there is nobody will change new thing in the life circumstance, when we can’t change the situation, we need to change ourselves, starting from the new habit and new vision to compare between the past time’s event and present time’s event.

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