How to recognize our mission?

Today I would like to talk about the mission, as we know that every person has a mission in their whole life, but why they can’t recognize their mission? There are several factors which is making them go blind, the first thing is they haven’t tried to know about the concrete meaning of life and the deepest gift they receive from this life, the second thing is they can’t differentiate between the pain and suffering, the third thing is they think they are not belonged to hero for their own life.
control your mission like you control your emotional feeling

Mission is part of curiosity, if we stop to be curious man, we will not know what do we need from this world and we will not know about what purpose do we live in this world?, so finding the curiosity is part of mission, if we disclose our mind about this life and universe, we will never kept in touch with them, the reason why we need to keep in touch with universe and life because the universe and life are the answer from your deepest curiosity and your mission.

Finding curiosity is not always finding the weakness from other people’s news or finding the negativity, but finding the curiosity means there’s something big to be existed from this universe and we will be allowed to learn from it, when there’s hint from it, that means we are student from the universe, the universe is the biggest proven system from Almighty GOD and He wants us to be eyewitness about the best creation He had ever made it.
finding curiosity

The universe’s working system is ensuring the people will find something they deserve from it, mission is not talking about the human’s happiness, the human’s obsession, the human’s madness and the human’s sadness, but mission is talking about the good preparation for our benefits, mission has let the humans to be deserved by the future’s big challenge, all the purposes we need to make a new journey is measuring how far the journey we have walked, that we call it as the life’s mission.


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