How to shape the wonderful idea

Today I would like to talk about the topic “how to shape the wonderful idea”, at the first time we were born in this universe, we are not having inborn ability but we are given great five sense to detect whether any normality life or not, so we are living with uncertainty of life and we will play with the life rule as long as we live together on this earth.

When we were born, we are just be given a time, energy and decision, we need to expand these things to reveal the truth about life, in order to disclose this life, we need to build the wonderful idea, and the wonderful idea is coming from the ingenious question which coming from result of our curiosity, anyone can engage this feeling if the humans being are able to create new model within themselves, another word of new model is self-motivated.
be hero to salvage the precious thing within yourself

The wonderful idea can’t be shaped automatically, all needs the training process and it needs strong determination to make it, if someone wants to have the wonderful idea, he must to obsess to be troubleshooter, means he will solve the difficult, big pressing problem from anybody else, the wonderful idea is not working when people unused their intellectual intelligent to enter the identity crisis, it’s law.
having great idea means having strong desire to prove

The first thing we must do to shape the wonderful idea is having a strong desire to enter the crisis of life, whether we don’t like the treatment or not, it is not our problem, when we don’t see the problem as problem, we will get the new opportunity to ignite the power of instinct to grow up, otherwise when we see the problem as new problem, this life will put us to the long term period which is giving us the same lesson and we won’t escape from that treatment.
Be finder, not Keeper

The second thing we must do to shape the wonderful idea is having a lot of curiosity to improve the ingenuity to invent new thing, means there’s something great needs to be renewed in every single day, without engaging the different thing in this life, we will choose the two option; 1. Once we can’t reveal the truth, as result we will get trapped within it, 2. Once we succeed to reveal the truth, as result we will get freedom to create the wonderful idea and create the creativity.

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