How to think like a hero

Today I would like to talk how to think like a hero, as we know that hero’s figure often to be drawn as someone who is wearing the mask or wearing the cape or where he can save many people from the bad guys in different ways, but now we will try to study how to think like a hero, now we will try to collect some information in order to know about the hero’s characteristic, the hero’s mindset and the hero’s habit.

The first thing we can learn from hero is he always doesn’t care about the limitation, he thinks knowledge is limited and imagination is unlimited, and he assumes the limitation is always blocking his power to gain some knowledge, a hero always think limitless and use his insatiable curiosity to develop his limitation, the second thing we can learn from the hero is he likes to learn the new thing in every single day in order to challenge about his capability, he always accepts the limitation but he never feel satisfied about what he is doing with that, so he keeps doing consistently although there’s nobody praises him.

The third thing we can learn from hero is he does something good whereas what other people don’t always do it in every single day because he knows time is very limited, so he considers tomorrow is the second chance for him to improve and create the momentum, the fourth thing we can learn from the hero is he always lighting the hope, no matter how much darkness in his life, no matter how chaotic of his vision, he keeps hoping and doing something mystery to let him out from his darkness.

 The fifth thing we can learn from the hero is he always believes about his philosophy, he thinks philosophy is the strong reason to make him stepping larger responsibility, so he plans something good today to achieve the next opportunity in the long term, the hero’s mindset is embedded “no matter how pathetic we are in our time being, no matter how slower you are moving your milestone, the greater opportunity and the greater responsibility always await us, the key is keep moving in uncertainty” 

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