How to understand the pain

Today in this article I would like to talk about how to understand the pain, as we know many people are feeling bad, they consider there’s something wrong with their own thinking but they don’t know “why”, as if they had been trapped into their own commitment until they don’t know how to get out of it, in every single day they are not interested by doing something new because they assume pain is always blockading people’s creativity.

When they concern the pain, they only get destruction from it, so I am really sure people will find new trouble in their whole life once they insist to resist the pain, before we judge pain is the severity disease, I will ask to them “pain is created by who? when humans are trying to oppose the reality and life’s plan, who will activate the cure for a pain? suffering is appearing when people follow their commitment, so pain is inevitable thing but suffering is one's having too much obsession about mystery”.

When people failed to make commitment, not because of adversity goes and comes into human’s life, but the main cause is people are not living naturally with real situation, that’s mean people get failed by their default, we just need to balance between self-commitment and self-awareness when pain is appearing, sometimes we need to make the contingency plan to make pain is appealing and it gives us the additional energy to make another route once the one path doesn’t work for us.

 Something doesn’t work, not because of one’s commitment result, but we don’t choose to live naturally with the adversity, adversity is created by life circumstance in order to give us an option to think what we are doing with such condition, life wants to know how competent we are once there’s hardest part puts us into trouble.

Sometimes we need to choose the wrong path to make us awareness about something wrong and doing right will teach us how to be wise man, please remember this note: we only need self-awareness to promote the pain as the booster in life because pain is one of awareness, when you break one pain, it will help you to break another pain, and pain becomes a cure.

making pain as motivational option

All we need to do as human is understanding about our possession and exceed the expectation by engulf pain for temporary action, let one pain will heal all another one. Making one decision is not difficult option, the most difficult option understandings about life’s pain, but when you succeed to understand the life’s pain, you will become a master because you can cure all human’s pain.