Regain the consciousness from the mistake

Today I would like to talk about how to regain the consciousness from mistake, we all know that not everyone agree to accept mistake because they think mistake is indicating to the retard people or stupid people, but at this point I want to invite you how to think differently about regain the consciousness from mistake, here is the rule to guide us how to regain the consciousness; we will not able to regain our consciousness unless we already prepare how to create the momentum within the moment, create momentum is the ultimate resource how to regain the consciousness.

The meaning of statement above mentioned is although mistake is coming over and over again against us, it doesn’t indicate we are deserved to be a retard person, but the mistake is making us aware something different and it helps us to pinpoint the best advice from the mistake, so the mistake is not the main cause how to make us frustrated, the but main problem is we are insist to magnify the complaint’s size to the same situation until we don’t know how to wake up from the hard situation.
drive our brain to move forward to welcome the unexpected situation

The hard situation is deliberately making us get trapped because life is wanting us to know why we are trapped in the hard situation, it doesn’t matter at all as long as we keep tracking on the path and leave a trail in order to guide us creating some experience, mistake will come and approach to the person who is willingly to accept the mistake, the reason why he desires about it because he realizes every mistake lies the opportunity to regain his consciousness, that the key of growth.
accept the mistake and we will grow up better than anyone else does

 Not everybody wants to accept the mistake because they just follow the majority of people’s mindset, not looking the people who have many experience to have the right mindset, the right mindset usually teaches how to respect the process, not following the majority of people’s mindset who tell about the instantly result in the plan, make long term plan is the one way how to measure the difference level between we knew nothing at the first time until we reveal the truth.

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