Resist the laziness

Today I would like to talk about resist the laziness, as we know that laziness is part of unproductive habit, even though some people claim laziness is one way how to reduce stress, this solution will not work when we want to achieve target may seem intractable, laziness is making people busy with unproductive thing and evoke people’s mindset to make procrastination with every aspect in life.

Not everyone can admit laziness is part of bad habit because they think laziness is the natural respond from the human’s body and human’s mind, but now we will try to observe the main reason why people want to get laziness, in fact on the other hand they want to get happiness in their whole life, so there is something mismatch between their consciousness mind and subconscious mind, the most reasonable reason why people start to be lazy person because they don’t know why they get laziness, laziness is an optional, not part of human habit.
laziness is part of self discipline in order to make procrastination

The sign of laziness is the laziness actually just indicates the human doesn’t know how to react when there’s moment is approaching to them, the second thing why people start being lazybones because they often to procrastinate when they are doing the single job. So the problem is not coming from the human’s habit, but the problem is coming from the human’s decision.
the lazybones always feel lost

 The laziness is the derivative of procrastination, so when people often to apply that habit, that’s mean they deliberately to magnify their blind spot area in the comfortable place, this universe will not give the reaction when people like to behave reactive such as the water ripple, the universe will give the reaction when people like to behave proactive.
the lazybones people are working to worship the money

 Laziness and procrastination are often haunting the people’s mindset in every single day, so we must be ready when there is opportunity comes ahead of our breathing, no matter there’s a good day or a bad day, laziness is always coming and approaching us when we open the door to welcome it, and laziness is not reactive when we are busy to build self-esteem and create momentum ahead.