Shape the new personality

Today I would like to share with the statement “shape the new personality”, this question describes not everyone can utilize an opportunity to secure their personality when they work under pressure. The basic principle of shape new personality is creating new human being who can endure everything bad in this life but they are having self-control to make fortune, without activating the value, someone will do something dangerous and he is going to lose hope, the reason why we need to possess the attitude because it is part of our last shield in which case it helps us determine where exactly we want to become.

Now we are going to acknowledge what factor we need to build the secure personality, the first thing we must do to secure our personality from the bad thing is forgetting about the last moment we have passed, that is the first quality we need to build, it sounds easy but not everyone has willingness to forget the moment in the past time, when people can’t do this simulation, their soul will get trapped in the past time and they will make the repeated problem in every single day.

Remember this note; every miracle in this life will not happen except every human insists to break up any excuses which may give small spark in their own mindset and make decision by doing the hardest thing in every single day such as making the simulation program to create small suffering, once we succeed to train our mindset to accept the simulation program, we will get new idea from the uncomfortable thing, that is the second thing we need to do in order to secure our personality, and the secure personality teaches us how to engage strong, the process is not going to make us get happiness.

Don’t easily break up the simulation program because one simulation is enough to determine all moment you have in one year, life is not talking about happiness and sadness, but life is talking about the appreciation, whether you like the treatment or not, sooner or later you will earn it, that’s how we learn how to secure our personality, someone who has a secure personality, he usually applies the simulation program and he starts to resist the bad influence which may come into his mindset and he will utilize his creativity to change the bad influence as milestone in order to get higher purpose in every single day  because he believes some higher purpose will treat him as a winner, when he wins, he can control the unlimited power within.

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