Synchronize between our expectation and reality

Uncover the fact is one way to create new path in this life

            Today in this topic I would like to talk about the expectation and the reality, as we know that many people are so eagerness to create the same standard quality in their whole life, on the other hand, expectation and reality will chase down to the human’s being personality and also both will determine what exactly clear purpose the humans want to become with.
when we enter to win, we need to forget the expectation

            The reality will shape the last human’s effort and also reality will determine what kind of next journey the human will take, most people in the world are trying to speculate about their journey of life, they think this life will give a good option and some of them speculate this life will give humans the significant love, that is the result of expectation, they have made their expectation in order to remind us that we need to accept the bad influence which may adhere to our expectation, overall if we are talking about our expectation, we need to persevere the determination area we need to improve.
when we enter to the competition, prepare your best self esteem

Some people also consider that life is offering the full of punishment, live in this world like a prisoner in the jail, and many of suffering will be offered in this life as long as the humans being exist, so what should we do if we face the abnormality between expectation and reality? The first thing we should prepare is we accustom ourselves to accept the real condition and we don’t object about the bad condition which may happen to us; the second thing we should prepare is we need to behave like an adventurer in the new place, we need to train our mentality to decrease the friction between this life and us.
prepare your good story is one of the sensible way to create hope

The more critical question we make, the more option we will obtain from it, the less critical question we make, the less option we will obtain from it, that’s law, I agree the expectation is not part of good teacher who will teach you how to survive, but it is having slogan which is ensuring you keep moving forward and keep you in the right track, without expectation’s existence, you will not find new momentum within your life and also you will not find the greatest thing within you, the more sensible way how to synchronize the expectation and reality are making hope and creation, without activating it, our life are so full of anxiety, the purpose we learn about the expectation is building the self-esteem, if we insist to build it, we will embrace the good moment between the reality and expectation.

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