The bad thing never happen

Today in this article I would like to talk about the bad thing, we all know there is no one who likes to accept the bad thing, this life is hitting us with the brick because we never consider there is something good behind with the bad thing, this life is never asking us about our judgment whether we will make the agreement or disagreement until life is always happening to complete us.

The bad thing is going to happen when we consider there is always mistake to the experience of life, good thing and bad thing are part of the normal mind saying, life is never making bad accusation to stain our reputation, life is reflecting about our mind thinking, we need to make strategy to think about reason “what we are pushing against?” and why don’t we allow ourselves to try something new until we know at the end loop, so there’s something good behind the bad thing when we consider it as clarity of purpose.
life is teacher and human being is student

Before the life is going to make us engaging the unlimited wealth, it is going to make us stronger than before, the bad thing is happening when we don’t have enough data to test our last capacity, our capacity will grow and expand when we pass the mistaken we have made it, so our memory data in the brain needs the higher standard value to pronounce there’s always good behind the bad thing, the bad thing never want to make us hurt until we understand the meaning of it, the bad thing is always happening when we don’t train our mind to agree with it or consider it as ultimate mistake.

The emotion will determine everything when we want it and the emotion also will deceive us when our judgment goes against the reality, considering the fact by thinking clearly is one of method which is making us know something new behind the unidentified information, so there is nothing wrong with our life, we only need to live naturally and do research to disclose about the unidentified information we will receive, so at the end result we will not touch the bad thing because we already know about the meaning of it.