The elevator of success

choose the right decision before you choose a elevator

Today I would like to talk about the elevator of success, many people in this world consider the success can’t be attained by working hard only, but also they need speed from the powerful people’s help, now I will try to reveal the truth what exactly point we need to create the elevator of success, the first point I want to share about the elevator is getting happiness during improve the knowledge, even though you haven’t got a good chance in your life, as long as you spend your time by improving the knowledge in the long term process, you will get a good feedback in the short term.
the feedback process

The second elevator of success is the most topic you really enjoy with it, the most important of the topic is there’s something will let you to become productive person in every single day, so when we want to get the second elevator of success, we must practice until there’s psyche of your mind will connect each other, that mean you will meet with your virtue, at the first time you begin with it, you may not recognize who you are because you will find difficulty during the soul searching.

The third elevator of success is hacking your own mindset to enter the crisis of life, during living together with crisis of life, train your mindset to do something bigger than your satisfaction, that’s mean you will improve something in every single day consistently even though you may dislike with the ritual, for example: when you don’t want to clean your house, at that time you push yourself to clean your house, when your mind doesn’t want to do something positively, but you desires so much to do it through tough times, the miracle will happen, I believe when you do that’s ritual, you will find yourself differently in every single day because you create a miracle within your productive habit.

The fourth elevator of success is creating the long term mindset and taking the opportunity, that mean you will need to handle the life pressure during making the long term mindset, to program your own mindset, you need to drive your emotional feeling, don’t let it walk alone without being accompanied by your valid dream, the valid dream is having the light which is giving you the honest path during fulfilling the career.

The fifth elevator of success is respecting about the process and forgetting about the result, when you do the good thing, it will change much better and it needs more time to mold a good character which it is shaped to prevent you engaging the negativity from this world.


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