The greatness is above all happiness

the greatness thing is started to learn how to philosophize the meaning of life

Today in this article I would like to talk about the greatness, if humans talk about the greatness, they will start about the suffering, hard work, unhappiness, etc. when we can’t endure something great in our life, we will not achieve the next opportunity in our life story, that’s law, so in this moment I would like to invite you how to make greatness which in case it can manage our expectation, the greatness will make us left behind the history and engage the difference in every single day.
perseverance is not making you happy but it is making you stronger

Many people think that happiness is free and happiness will be collected from the right people around them, in my opinion happiness is not something you deserve it, whether you are happy or not, life is not caring so much about you or other people’s circumstance, happiness is like sense of human’s mindset program which is making the revolution is every single day, that mean happiness needs to be paid by your mindset program, learning the uncomfortable thing in every single day is the sensible way how to create new happiness, it’s law.

Stepping one step to another step is part of creating new revolution, as result it will create a new happiness because all progress equal happiness. What will we do to set our mindset to engage the greatness? The first thing we must do is discipline, without discipline in our life, we can’t make any different in the life’s competition, the second thing we must do is behave like an athlete, whether you like it or not with the competition program, all we need to do is keep training and making record in every single day without making complaint.
The next big thing ahead is Hope, make a big change is creating hope

The real competition is not facing with another person in the race, but facing your own darkness namely ignorance, no matter you are capable or not in the competition, we are the participant who will join the greatness classroom, when we are entering in the classroom, we can’t escape from that treatment except we will follow the compulsory subject in order to make us smarter than before, the purpose of greatness in life is making human to become resourceful creature by doing more significant advance and making different content.