The Ignorance is the real human’s enemy

Today in this article I would like to talk about the ignorance, we all know being studious person is the boring activity and most people are trying to avoid that activity because they are afraid of changing from within themselves, in my opinion that is irrational afraid because they are not having the strong willingness to learn about the caution which may happen in the near future.

The ignorance will not diminish in every single day, instead it will grow and will make the human’s eye go blind because they allow the darkness comes into their head and educate the human to become confused man, the anxiety will not come as long as the human being always improve their knowledge and add value to most people.

The ignorance is part of habit which is influencing people’s mindset to do something awful and doing the unproductive activity, such as being couch potato, spending time to idle away to the mall, hang out with toxic people, etc. when people will not improve the knowledge and insist to live in the comfort zone, they will see this life is so boring in this daily activity, boring is not part of bad thing, but boring activity is indicating your last effort you have done hasn’t achieved the next level, it tells you that you are doing something unattractive and also you have done something with same content.

if this life talks to you about the rule, don’t just ignore the message from it because life usually gives you a challenge how to build your self esteem, the self esteem is indicating that you are making a lot of progress in your daily activity, the life rule says “every human possesses the unlimited wealth”, meaning we have potential energy to create everything we want, what will we do now is just starting the process, giving a respect of the process, embrace a larger possibility and be patient during waiting to achieve the reward. Knowledge is representing your unique skill, another thing, the knowledge will diminish in every single day when we stop learning.

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