There’s always light for the dark room

the Light for the dark room is hope
Today in this article i would like to discuss about light and dark room, as we know dark and light are living together side by side, there is no the reason to make them separated, they are supposed to be a perfect couple, every light is being designed for opening the opportunity within the dark room, when we are entering the dark room, there is always confusion, frustrated, unmotivated, angry and scare, that is normal mind says like that.

The normal mind always says “I am going to suffer when I am going to enter the dark room”, but the expert mind says “I am going to unlock new things and create the new opportunity through the dark room”, the dark is not always getting you lost the significant thing, but in reverse, the dark will give you the cured time to be alone.
darkness is the place where it teaches us how to make faith and reason within

Please remember the note; being alone in the dark room doesn’t mean being lonely in the dark room, being alone is part of the best strategy to unlock something irrelevant thing in the darkness and try to change it to be relevant thing, sometimes starting at the beginning process is the hardest thing among the ending process because we will live in the darkness for a while until we find the light to illuminate our curiosity, we need to train our mindset to accept the ambiguous term in this life.
the purpose of darkness is get rid of distraction to gain power of focus

Like I said earlier, darkness doesn’t mean the bad thing or the cruel thing, as long the darkness outside from our reachable mind and heart, it is not problem anymore, but we engage the darkness and put into our mind and heart, it is very dangerous thing, the darkness mind always teach people how to neglect every changes, influence the people for avoiding the darkness and fearing the darkness,  the darkness means is the empty arena which is teaching us how to get the light for pushing away our fear, in order to get the everlasting light, we need to gain knowledge and learn something to illuminate our life path, so we hope by obtaining the light, we don’t blame everything and we don’t complain about the darkness.