Unleash the beast from within

make the revolution needs unleashing the beast

Today in this article I would like to talk about how to unleash the beast from within, the beast is like the initial name to describe the courage and the fear within our human’s soul, everybody has the beast within but not everyone how to tame the beast, at this moment I would like to spread an idea how to know that the beast will get out from within.
we always live side by side with the beast

The beast will not get tamed when there’s no attaining good experience, time sacrifice, potential energy, focus and consistency from the human being, to unleash the beast from within, we need to see lots, hear lots, read lots, and collecting some data from our surrounding area in order to gain the new strategy to improve the self-courage and self-esteem, sometimes we can’t be just be person who is interested with his own pride without considering the life crisis, sometimes we need to put ourselves to the hard situation and the tough time to measure how fast we can grow up and how fart we go to the right direction.

 When the situation puts us into the jail, don’t be afraid about that, our lives will transform to be custody, as if we had no hope in the future, no more opportunity in the future, lost the significant value, lost love, lost the journey, that is the symptom we live in the exiled area where nobody knows where it’s location, the only one person who can reveal the exiled area is ourselves only, nobody will accompany us to the exiled area, that is area we will learn how to unleash the beast from within of the mind barrier.

When we can succeed to learn how to unleash the beast in our mind barrier, our new habit will be appearing and appealing, new habit is indicator that we succeed to unleash our beast from our soul, the beast which may blockades our vision, when we don’t train the beast, we will be forced to accept the bad treatment in the beast’s exiled area, determination is not enough to unleash the beast within us because we need emotional intelligent and naturalistic intelligent to tame the beast,
tame the beast needs calm and good manner

Please remember this note: the beast will grow better when we don’t allow ourselves to learn naturally about self-knowledge, we are living in the two mind barrier, namely desperation and inspiration, none other thing which can reveal the truth except our mind barrier’s growth as the key, the truth power is knowledge and time is our partner in life, when we still don’t use the time to recognize about who we are and what is our purpose in life, every decision we have made in the past, it will lead us to  make us like a zombie (dead living body).


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