What is a life crisis?

the sign of life crisis will change your capacity

Today I would like to talk about a life crisis, the definition of life crisis is the abnormal condition where it causes losing of balance in the great significant thing such as economy, serenity, prosperous, dignity, etc. the reason why the life crisis is happening because there’s something dangerous has happened and it brings impacts to the human living.
during mid life crisis, we feel lost but we don't die

As human being, we have never been assigned to do something we can do because life is not providing the well run’s path, tomorrow’s path has never been made unless there’s different size of track or there’s higher standard, before every human passes the life crisis, there’s always prerequisite term from life to be given for human being, life is giving us the prototype after life crisis is over because it already knew what we want to become in the future.
the symptom above will alter us to pass the life crisis

The life says “before I grant you the prosperous life, I will make you stronger by giving you the unlimited energy to fix something measurable”
, so based on the statement we can conclude the life indirectly has assigned us to come and fix the unstable thing such as improving the knowledge, learning how to unlearn the same mistake, learning how to stop arguing with something unknown, only good attitude which can prevent the worst thing may happen again.
life crisis will make every human gets stronger than before

The life crisis is always coming to us to the unexpected situation and unexpected condition, the life’s crisis’s schedule can’t be delayed, it can’t be broken or it can’t be accelerated, it always comes to the right time, no matter what happen in the present or later, it is inevitable, so what will we do as the human’s role? There are two options to be chosen; the first thing is we’re facing to mend the life’s crisis or the second thing is we will engage the miserable power, engage with the desperation and finally we will repent to unlearn the old mistake, The main purpose of life crisis not make human loss the capacity, instead of empowering the human capacity until we are stronger to deserve something we desire so much.