What kind of innovation I should prioritize?

Today I would like to talk about the innovation, many people think that innovation are belonged to the clever person’s right but now anyone can have the innovation if they recognize what capability of they are participating in this life, the clever or stupid are not part of innovation characteristic, but the innovation can be built by seeking the right people who surround you and supporting you to do something different in long term period, that’s secret how to make innovation.

No one can be considered as good inventor when they just do something in the short term period and do the same thing over, over again, the innovation we should take as priority job is keeping studying about the new qualification which can help you to become new person in every single day, innovation needs observing, it is one of the human’s good habit which is advancing the knowledge.

Before we make innovation, we should know about what kind of scope or the aspects we will create, without any specific scope, we will create doubt and the feeling of doubt will make us procrastinated when we want to do something benefit, we may lose our dignity and lose the significant love, but that’s not very important, the most priority thing we should prioritize during making invention is Ignite a new hope and  don’t quit when you persevere going to your next destination, quitting from hope, means it will burn down the path of hope.

The innovation will not see the end result once you are working on it, but the innovation will see the process enjoyment you are collecting with, especially when you are starting the process from the humble beginning, so the purpose of making innovation is giving each person about the biggest momentum when they are receiving biggest momentum in their life, the biggest momentum in this life covers lesson which making every single person can become proactive, progressive and productive person. Please remember: your innovation doesn’t work unless you use your time to make yourself becoming the different person in every single day and also has a unique idea to solve a big pressing problem, every innovation can’t be created automatically, all needs good habits like perseverance, love, peaceful heart, faithful, right timing, creation, tireless spirit and hope.

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