What’s difference between insecure feeling and secure feeling?

Today I would like to talk how to differentiate between insecure feeling and secure feeling, we all know that insecure feeling and secure feeling are happening because of our decision making, the more clear decision we make, the more clear hope will fill in our life journey, now we will try to analyze how do we recognize secure or insecure feeling in our final acceptance, normally most people will feel bad when there’s something insecure enters to their happiness and when they haven’t found the happiness, they start to blame the insecure feeling.

The question is “what factor will make the insecure thing to be active?”, if you concern that the factor will make you having the insecure feeling, none other thing the factor is coming from your bad experience alive or your expectation result is bigger than you expect it, if we know the main cause, that’s mean we are bold enough to secure the insecure thing.
train our mindset to secure the insecure feeling

The problem is not coming from your feeling, but you choose to live together with your bad experience in the pastime and also you are staying away from the reality and your life path, that’s prove that you want to embrace the insecure feeling, now I will mention what’s the secure feeling? the secure feeling covers the patience, the greatest determination, hope, love, decisiveness, honesty and happiness, please remember; the secure feeling will not be active automatically, but the secure feeling needs to be built from the humble beginning, if we do the greatest thing without making plan, without making certain drive and without following the guidance, we will not achieve the power to activate the secure feeling to secure the insecure feeling.

The insecure feeling can’t be activated automatically except it is be trained by the human’s decision, how to build the secure feeling and the insecure feeling are needing the different method, the secure feeling needs more extra power to train it and also we need a longer time to prepare ourselves, whereas the insecure feeling doesn’t need the training program to build it, it easier to embrace the insecure feeling rather than the secure feeling because the secure feeling always resists the pain and suffering.