Why every word is reflecting our standard?

Today in this article I would like to talk about the reflection between the human’s words with the human’s virtue, as we know that every word is used to describe about the human’s standard, if we review a bit in the social media, many people like to give comments about the event, the rumor, the good stuff, the news, etc. but in the end they still don’t recognize about the meaning of their comment, I directly think about “what lesson I should pick up from that comment?”
your quality of words make you different rather than common people

If everybody comments to the social media and popularize their words of mouth, is there any benefit? what benefits I should take from them? My point of thinking is every word will reflect about the human’s virtue, if there’s no good value from every human’s word, why are we insisting to popularize it, if everybody in this world does the same behavior, this world is so boring and becoming unattractive model.

I guess very few people can recognize about their talks because they think the word of mouth is the human's lifestyle, not describing about the power of emotional feeling, people will not concern whether there’s meaningful words or not, the implication of words are drawing about the illustration in our future, meaning; the less value we talk, less opportunity we can take, the more value we talk, the more listener or viewer will attend for us, whether we are considered as the important person or not, all depend on our power of words.

As we know that word of mouth has the unlimited power to create new potential such as open the human’s mind, close the human’s mind, raise up the human’s spirit, embrace the opportunity, embrace the crisis, calm the overexcited, turn off the  unclear expectation, healing the human’s pain, increase the suffering, destroy the human’s reputation, lower the anger, ignite the dispute and etc.
the word of mouth can change everything seems impossible

Now we can conclude the power of words of mouth is part of the human’s standard, standard will not make you becoming successful person, but standard is helping you to learn how to keep away from the crisis of life, the more standard you embrace the more opportunity you will make, the more momentum you create, the more powerful you push down the crisis of life, and the less standard you have, the more crisis will push you down in momentum, it’s law,  now if you tell me why every word reflects to our standard because that the power of words will give you an option how to fulfill the career, the speaking class is representing the human’s lifestyle which is guiding us to make our life more delightful.