Why we need empathy during making creativity?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why we need empathy during making creativity, many people consider empathy is how to transfer the one’s value to another one, and then the creativity value can’t be considered to satisfy the personal satisfaction, but the creativity value for mankind's kindness.
painting on the canvas is representing your personality

 I will give you an example; there’s 1 painting, full of bright color and it is being put to the museum convention area, but not at all want to see that painting canvas because most people don’t know about the value of painting even though we need to pay cash to enter to that museum, but another place in the street, there is 1 of ordinary painting, the canvas has been made from the worn out of canvas, and it has been put to the street, but why many people are enjoying that painting, because the creativity is not being made to popularize personal’s life style, but the creativity is just showing the human empathy result which is transferred to ignite other human’s expression and the creativity has been utilized to create other people’s value, that’s true purpose of creativity in painting.

The creativity doesn’t work when you just create it for fulfilling your satisfaction, the creativity will be living with you when you make it for other people’s kindness, the creativity is made and shaped to juice your knowledge and your ideas, the creativity will not grow when there’s no empathy within, if someone wants to put tattoo in his body, hand, leg and his neck, that’s not creativity, it’s self-destruction, the reason is the injection’s will blockade the blood vessel’s process and it will shape the clogged to the blood, one day we will meet the effect of our action and once the right time comes to us, a that time we will not able to repent for everlasting.

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