Without creation, passion is nothing

colorful image represents the human's creativity

Today in this article I would like to talk about creation and passion, both are the ultimate resources which they are designed to help human how to determine the next journey, passion is shaped from the human’s most favorite profession that he wants to build and human will try to bring the passion together with his creativity, now the question is “what creation everyone should possess?”

The first thing of creation is having the strong reason to create the valid reason, no one can achieve the success if they don’t have any strong reason, if they want to create creation, they need to upgrade the reason which is making them push their limit, without engaging enough strong reason to human’s mindset, people will lose the power of intention and the power of determination, it’s law, the second thing of creation is about the humanity, before people are fulfilling their passion, everyone must ensure they are doing well for other people’s kindness, not making other people to engage the suffering, the suffering is not an option to please everyone who wants to create their sense of creation upon the passion.
breathing is making new hope in every single time

The third thing of creation is the unique sense of skill, if all human being in the world are doing the majority in their skill without attaining the minority; the world is so boring because there is no more attractive subject will attract the world’s market, doing something attractive means people will serve something different and also creating the new hope for other people’s live.
the conflict will create the misaligned condition when we are ready to fulfill passion

There’s good news for people who want to create the creation, if we succeed to shape our passion, let us be shaped by the misaligned of circumstance, that is prerequisite how to build career, don’t resist the rule but we must learn to adapt with them, when we succeed to interpret the rule, we will make a new rule in order to make the universe’s rule will follow us, we call it as win to win solution.