Why the desperation makes someone get tired?

Today I would like to talk about reason why desperation makes someone get tired, the first thing I would like to let you know that there’s depression will take some energy from the human’s virtue such as hope, perseverance, courage, value, energy can’t be created by human being, energy will decrease when there’s no special command from the human’s conscious mind.

The desperation is part of unproductive habit which attacks the human’s productive characteristic and it will ensure human will engage the unproductive habit, as the end result the human will not do anything better except human are teaching themselves how to become retard person in the productivity hours, retard is having companion with the desperation’s characteristic, although we test ourselves to raise the bar of success and become the working hard person in the world, the desperation will keep you thinking and focus about the negativity as always.

The desperation will not active when people are impersonating themselves to become the busiest person in 12 hours in every single day, furthermore, the desperation will be active and absorb the human’s energy when there’s person loses his connection with strongest reason and strongest intention how to act persistent and always dig up about the past moment, the greatest person is not the person who has never failed in every single day but the greatest person is the person who always lights a hope and he wants to keep studying and keep observing about the life’s system even though he feels laziness.
the human worship the desperation

The desperation is not created to attack human’s peacefully heart, but the desperation is living and standing side by side with the man who is giving up to hope, the key how to resist the desperation is impersonating a person who wants to become the hardest working person who has ever been created at the first time and having the insatiable curiosity like a children, whether we don’t like or not about the desperation’s existence, the desperation is always taking up the human’s energy and it becomes surveillance camera, there’s no man who feels laziness, he is just tired because he engages the desperation’s energy too much.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

How to comprehend the human’s destiny?

Today I would like to talk about how to learn about the critical question, “the human’s destiny”, basically the human’s destiny is being shaped from the unrelenting commitment because every commitment will lead every human being to the new faith and new destiny, human being is created in this world because they will bear mission and responsibility, we can call mission is “faith and destiny”, as human being, we must acknowledge they are part of GOD’s best creation in this universe, so we just need to play the game of life.

Every commitment will change everything and it will influence the future to determine what exactly of lifestyle human being want, make clarity to the human mindset is the only way how to determine outcome and determine the next action they follow in the future, having clarity of thoughts will help human being to distinguish between the human’s desire and the human’s destiny, we must remember that desire has no self-control and has no measurable plan, the desire is blind and not know how to lead human’s mind to the bright future, it’s not good idea to follow the desire because it will create confusion and desperation, besides that, the human’s destiny will be created by taking the strongest reason and the clearest commitment from human’s decision.

Being dedicated person is one of evidence that human will comprehend and shape their future’s time, there’s another sensible ways to know about destiny, making clearest one purpose is representing the faith and it has inner power to gain the human’s potential energy, faith is the real power and it has guidance to lead human to the right place to make creativity, otherwise when human being don’t want to obtain the power of faith, they will do something dangerous, so making one clearest purpose is better than making many of jobs in this life, remember this note; we are trained to take as much as responsibility in order to get value, we are not trained to accept the opportunity because our products are commitment.                                                

What causes someone has to feel pain?

Today I would like to talk about the topic “what causes someone has to feel pain?” we all know that nobody wants to feel pain because they think the pain can destroy someone’s dream and someone’s hope, but there’s something else behind the purpose of pain, the pain is not designed by Almighty GOD to destroy the human’s peacefully heart but the pain is designed to be self-protector, means the pain will convert into limitation, limitation will influence human being to stay back from the limitation.

The pain can become a teacher when we think pain is making us stronger than we were at yesterday, otherwise the pain can become a beast when we think pain is blockading between the purpose and our journey, so all pain is not always coming as enemy, pain is just symbol of the strongest shield which is living in the human’s brain, it’s indestructible, they only could be understood by activating the critical mind, and we need to thicken our skin to reduce the side effect from the human’s severe another pain.
plan to create future and retirement from the pain

Worry and doubt are part of pain, both of them can transform into the human’s internal pain, the internal pain is taking long time to be healed because it’s concerned with the human’s emotional pain, it can’t be healed by taking physical medicine, it only can be distracted by the human’s power of focus, so we need huge power to attack the symptom of internal before it will set the setback, we need to train our mindset by doing something useful, so at least the result will influence us to forget something about the past’s momentum, the worst pain condition will approach to us when we don’t finish any activity or doing something that we actually can do it, the pain can’t be attacked by the pain or feeling of anger, the pain can be reduced by the greatest reason and that reason will make us forget about the pain and it will help us to create future. 

How do I know I am safe from the life pain?

Today I would like to talk about the topic how do I know I am safe from the life pain, the first thing we should take note that every moment in this life is happening accurately and it’s coming from everybody’s consent and contribution they made in this world, in the reality many people are taking too much risky by doing something that they don’t realize about the legacy they build with, so they will engage the life’s pain, the life’s pain is going to appear when someone is going to step out of life rule’s permission.

The basic rule’s permission is learning and earning, life is not teaching how to take and enjoy something in this life, basically the life’s rule wants people to learn something even though people think the life’s treatment is not good to be utilized, it should not matter as much when people don’t like about the life’s treatment, the reason they don’t like about the life’s treatment because they don’t want to learn something new and they always behave to be same person in every single day.

The most stupidity in this life is when people try to ignore the priceless lesson from the life’s circumstance and they start to demand the higher price from this life, it sounds strange and absurdity because people think the life is running like money making machine, life is running like plastic, the faith will be molded into something different and all result are depending on the human’s consent, the life is not made to service what people need, life is the place when it let us to make mistake in order to let us know how to understand from nothing to something, 

When people are trying to ignore becoming a new person in every single day, meaning they deliberately let their souls to be trapped to the time travel in the past because they don’t want to create mistake, the question concerning with topic “how to know that I am safe from the life pain?” the first answer to reply that question is “don’t break the universe’s rule”, means we learn something from Almighty GOD’s wisdom and follow His rule, that is the first rule how to know whether we are safe or not from the life pain, the second answer is “respect the process”, life is process of movement from one address to another address which offers us about the opportunity, we must live through with it, once we deny the process, we will engage the life pain automatically, the third rule is “don’t live in the past’s moment”, but live in today’s moment to prepare something to tomorrow, that 3 steps how to countermeasure from the life pain. 

How do I retrain my pain system to be less protective?

Today I would like to talk about the critical question “how do I retrain my pain system to be less protective?” many people are trying to avoid this condition because they think the life’s pain is inevitable, sometimes pain can’t change the human attitude and sometimes pain can change the human attitude, all depends on how we think, how we react and how we feel about the pain itself.

I have shared my point of view in the previous article, the pain system is working like the self-protection, we are protected from the dangerous thing when we do something we don’t understand about the risk which may destroy our peacefully heart, based on my observation result, I see myself many people are deliberately taking risk without considering about the next effect.

The pain system can become less protective when we follow the life’s rule and engage the positive characteristic such as justice, integrity, loyal, honest, care, responsibility, persistent, etc. we may don’t have of those good characteristic but now that’s our opportunity to retrain our pain system in order to make us feel better and the pain system to be less protective, I will remind you again, the pain system is created not to fulfill human’s needs and evoke the human’s mind to feel insecure in this world but the pain system is created to teach human being how to survive.

So we need some strategies to remake better world, all the big things are determined from the smallest thing we have made it consistently to achieve higher purpose in this life, no matter how chaotic our creation, the smallest thing will become a participant to embody the new hope for ours, we can’t fill up our lives just depending on the baseline of material worlds although it is considered to become good for facilitating the human’s need, sometimes we do something for nothing to clear our mind from the complex problem, the solution how to retrain our pain system is making a new accomplishment in every single day, that’s we call life revolution, we have to make sure that new accomplishment is doing something different to make better idea.

How do I know if my pain system is being over protective?

Today I would like to talk about the critical question “how do I know if my pain system is being over protective?”, as we know that pain will appear when we try to refuse the natural law which has been set since the universe was created, so there is no other reason to argue about the pain’s existence, what we need to do now is stop asking ourselves about how to reject the pain and starting to ask how much time we can understand about the pain system.

The pain system is like a self-protection, it will protect something important from inside and it will be linked with system, once we are trying to resist the security system or once we get out of the system’s reach, we will taste a pain and we will become the victim because we attack the pain, basically the human’s pain is not monster, it will protect us from the unnecessary dangerous thing, but when we try to understand the pain, we will be treated well and justice, the pain also can be utilized to be motivation and it keeps us going to the particular point area.

The life‘s pain system characteristic are fair, honest, integrity, perseverance, care, sincere, responsibility and persuasive, the human’s pain system can’t be modified or it can’t be manipulated in several ways, all we need to do is just living and sticking together with the existed the life’s system as long as we are alive, but there is turning point when we follow the pain’s system, as result our life will be guaranteed by having peacefully heart for everlasting.

the human’s pain system sometimes tells to our conscious mind about what we choose about something right or something wrong in our last determination, so the human’s pain system can be divided into two kind, the first thing is discipline and the second thing is regret, both of them will make us feel uncomfortable and feel suck for temporary time, remember this note; the greatness success in life can be built from the mind’s discipline and good attitude, so how to know that our pain system is being over protective is because of our unsteadiness during keeping our attitude, I hope when you read this article, you can start to understand about the human’s pain system and you will find your pain‘s system in your well-being, so you will no longer be treated injustice in this life, that’s law.

Don’t just follow your passion

Today I would like to talk about passion; as we know that passion is part of the human’s unlimited energy which can encourage us to determine something we desire about it, passion can be used to develop the human’s creativity, decrease the variant, sharpen the intuition, enhance the inborn ability to control human’s mindset and increase productivity.

Control yourself

As we know that passion is inborn natural ability, it can be learned in order to create the masterpiece or it can be nothing meaningful when people don’t know how to utilize it, no matter how much powerful resourcefulness in the human’s mind, when people don’t know how to unleash it, passion can go to the wrong direction, it is very dangerous because it can kill the human virtue.

Dream and passion have different meaning, dream is like the strong reason where it can drive us to the final destination, whereas, passion is something powerful which keep us moving with our masterpiece and power of passion keeps us staying together with the correct information and the right motivation, passion will ensure our creativity keeps enhancing and will leave new track in order to make us keeping in touch with the future’s channel.

Passion is the kind of ultimate resources which it can give human being the new inspiration in every single day, passion will teach people how to make, how to shape, how to handle, how to take responsibility, how to react and how to behave, at this point I would like to remind you, the strong passion can be driven to the wrong direction and also it can be driven to the right direction, passion is neutral, it can be activated once there’s a will and it can be non-active once there’s no order from the human’s mindset. So the greatness can run 1000 miles / hour faster before human already create the outcome at the first time, that’s passion’s characteristic, passion has no a limited access although human’s body is limited, passion is started from the power of imagination, it can accommodate everything limitless in the human's mind, the imagination supports humans being once it’s necessary.

Son becomes father and father becomes son

Today I would like to talk about the derivative characteristic between son and father, if we look at their behavior, they always behave like twin people, and they don’t want to lose the good moment although they have a different busy activity, what we can learn from them is they are like teacher and student, they are learning one another, starting from attitude, curiosity, discuss, expressing, etc.

Father is the main backbone of family, he is leader among every aspect of family affair, but he can’t be a good leader when he doesn’t care so much about the responsibility he bear, father must learn something from his family member although father looks powerful and stronger than his family member, father can’t be judged as good father when he wouldn’t try to comprehend what his children’s wishing.

Father must become a good sample for his family member because all of family member will follow what’s father behaves about something, all family’s decision are coming from the father’s final decision and also father must become an executor for keeping the family’s welfare, father must possess the wise man’s characteristic who has an authority to shape his family member to become good follower, besides that father must become a great motivator and a great listener because that’s characteristic will help him to overcome seemingly ghastly problem in the family’s affair such as economy dispute, school payment, daily needs, etc.

Here’s the important thing; every father’s decision will be proclaimed by his children and children will start to behave like father in public area , and every father’s bad habit will be descending to his children’s habit unknowingly, becoming a good father is like electricity’s programming system, it will transmit the energy and also it will give a supply to subsidiary’s electricity mini circuit breaker, Mini Circuit Breaker is like the family member, when the main system’s characteristic is irreplaceable, all subsidiary electric’s station in the city will rely on it, otherwise when main system is outdated, it can’t supply everything valuable.

Children like an empty cup

Today I would like to talk about how to rethink about children’s behavior, as we know that children are doing something without considering whether the result is true or wrong, that is the inborn ability which it has multi million brilliant program where it has been implanted by Almighty GOD when children is born.

Every children is wishing to make mistake because they think that’s funny thing they can only do in every single day and they will repeat that mistake until they understand better about what they exactly are doing, so being stupid during starting new thing is normally process in this life, nobody can finish the perfect job without they were making little accomplishment through mistake in the past.

 We can’t learn new thing if we are not willingly to take the responsible about the object we are enjoying with, the responsibility means we can’t escape from something we haven’t finished yet, so we always be blamed if only we deliberately  stopped the process, nobody knows when responsibility will end or it will run for the everlasting moment.

The children’s behavior describes there’s the sign of genius because they keep doing although they don’t know about what they are doing, and then children sometimes love to behave like the adult people as if they had known everything in this life, now I would like to elucidate the difference between the adult people’s behavior and the children’s behavior, first of all, the children are preceding to take action rather than applying the reasonable thing whereas adult people are preceding the reasonable thing rather than taking action, the second thing is the children are making a lot of mistakes rather than adult people’s whereas the adult people are afraid of making mistake because they think making mistake is treating them embarrassed, the third thing is children are having strong curiosity rather than adult people’s.

Based on the difference between adult people’s behavior and children’s behavior, we can conclude that children has enormous intelligent rather than adult people because children don’t care so much about the negativity and they love of being empty cup which it can accept any opportunity and risk from the circumstance of life, the children use the insatiable curiosity to reveal the behind of mistake and they always love to learn from zero point.

Why we are not allowed to avoid mistake?

Today in this article I would like to talk about reason why we are not allowed to avoid mistake because mistake is part of education, nobody can be called as success when they will not learn from mistake, so the main point from my statement is we can’t become something different when we will not learn from the mistake, we will become empty street when avoid mistake.

You can look at the empty street, nobody will dare to pass the empty street because it doesn’t offer secure and it will offer dangerous thing, so the lesson from the empty street; there is no facility, it definitely there is no offering in there, when there is nobody will be there, it definitely there is no transaction, when there is no transaction, it means the hopelessness will attack to every people who have personal happiness program in their life, No success means No study, No study means No progress, No progress means No experience, No experience means No making mistake, No mistake means No relentless imagination, it likes the empty street on the graveyard, Nobody wants to walk on it because it doesn’t offer anything good at all.

 What about if we compare about the crowded street, when the crowded people are willingly to pass through to the crowded street, they are walking urgently because the crowded street is very important, although the crowded street will offer the limitation to the people, the people will ignore it because they think the crowded street has offered good service, no matter how expensive the taxes price for the good service, the people keep struggling and competing to pass through the crowded street.

Sometimes we need to push ourselves to expand our limitation in order to offer something benefit to other people, we need the strong reason in order to make a lot of progress through by making mistake in order to make the reason will be accepted by most people, that’s the key to make the everlasting success, we don’t know what will happen in the future, nobody knows the momentum tomorrow, there is no way to know it except we make new mistake by discovering it.

Emptiness is the sign of genius

Today in this article I would like to talk about the emptiness, the emptiness is indication of “not knowing everything before there’s momentum abides and create the path of evolve”, by this I mean we must to realize the only thing can blockade the new sign of revolution is the feeling of pride, the reason why pride will clog the new idea because the feeling of pride can create the satisfaction.

Satisfaction will end the stream line of creativity because satisfaction will refuse everything looks new and it prefers to dwell in the comfort zone, otherwise the path of creativity is coming from making tons of mistake before the wisdom is appearing, sometimes we are made by almighty GOD to be emptiness in order to make us curiosity and feel everything in the bottom of life, fullness is not the sensible way to  reveal the truth because the fullness can’t be emptied by adding fullness, so the fullness can be emptied by getting emptiness, another word of emptiness is learning something and observing when we don’t know the meaning of it.

When we pretend to empty our vessel, means we will forget about the past time and we will start new thing by observing something in our surrounding area, unwittingly our vessel will be filled by making mistake because we don’t know anything at starting point, we don’t need to behave embarrassed because failure is inevitable and it always comes although we are not ready to welcome it.

The insatiable curiosity is the sign of genius because it will let us thinking something that we don’t ever know where the resourcefulness comes from, the human mind is like the deep well, when we draw the water from the well, the water in the well will be refilled by the life system although we are getting some information about who we are and what purpose we come in this world.

 The deep well is like the deep thinker, and the unusual thing will alter us to bring to the curiosity and the curiosity creates knowledge, the knowledge allows us to make the critical question, once the critical question is being made, we are going to enter the empty area, in that area we will meet with the adversity, finally we will get enlightenment and create wisdom to remake the better world.

How to get wisdom in this life

wisdom is started from your decision

Today in this article I would like to talk about how to get wisdom in this life, as we know not everyone can get wisdom in their life because they are satisfied about what they did in the past time and they want to repeat the same thing in every single day, that is the reason very few people can obtain the revolution in every single year.

Wisdom in this life can’t be drawn by finishing the same assignment level, so we need to take another test to know what we are supposed to become in the future, when we don’t want to take another test, the meaning of that statement is we decide to fail at the first time before we obtain the extraordinary success, sometimes we need to push our limitation in order to realize us to open another door of opportunity, opportunity is unlimited, otherwise limitation is knowledge.
wisdom is making you enlightened

Before we can get wisdom through our experience of life, we need to make little accomplishment in order to measure how much distance we pass through in the life path, when we don’t know how much the wide of life path, so we need to walk on the path and leave the trail from it, sometimes we miss the momentum that the little trail can convince to this life to widen the greater path.

When we already know the life path will be widen, that’s symptom we will grow up and get wisdom from the life path and move us to the greater path, now the question is “are you ready to be challenged by the life to walk on the difficult route?”, this question is full of mystery because the only the individual person can determine which way he can convince himself to walk on the difficult route, many people refuse to choose the difficult route because they think they will never return to the starting point, in fact life has an optional motivation to make us choose that route, when people choose the easy rote, they will return to the starting point but they will never escape from the desperation area.
knowledge makes you clever but wisdom makes your life colorful

Once they engage to the desperation area, they will not find the new way to escape from the old track, please keep in your mind; the same track, means the same result, so their life are going to be filled by confusion, they need to light the fuse of hope in order to make them to be ready to accept the new commitment, sometimes this life is giving us the unexpected gift such as the new knowledge in order to make us stronger to walk away on the new track and get a new wisdom in this life, new wisdom will open the bright future and open the limitless wisdom, the limitless wisdom will unlock the true wealth, that is nature law