Children like an empty cup

Today I would like to talk about how to rethink about children’s behavior, as we know that children are doing something without considering whether the result is true or wrong, that is the inborn ability which it has multi million brilliant program where it has been implanted by Almighty GOD when children is born.

Every children is wishing to make mistake because they think that’s funny thing they can only do in every single day and they will repeat that mistake until they understand better about what they exactly are doing, so being stupid during starting new thing is normally process in this life, nobody can finish the perfect job without they were making little accomplishment through mistake in the past.

 We can’t learn new thing if we are not willingly to take the responsible about the object we are enjoying with, the responsibility means we can’t escape from something we haven’t finished yet, so we always be blamed if only we deliberately  stopped the process, nobody knows when responsibility will end or it will run for the everlasting moment.

The children’s behavior describes there’s the sign of genius because they keep doing although they don’t know about what they are doing, and then children sometimes love to behave like the adult people as if they had known everything in this life, now I would like to elucidate the difference between the adult people’s behavior and the children’s behavior, first of all, the children are preceding to take action rather than applying the reasonable thing whereas adult people are preceding the reasonable thing rather than taking action, the second thing is the children are making a lot of mistakes rather than adult people’s whereas the adult people are afraid of making mistake because they think making mistake is treating them embarrassed, the third thing is children are having strong curiosity rather than adult people’s.

Based on the difference between adult people’s behavior and children’s behavior, we can conclude that children has enormous intelligent rather than adult people because children don’t care so much about the negativity and they love of being empty cup which it can accept any opportunity and risk from the circumstance of life, the children use the insatiable curiosity to reveal the behind of mistake and they always love to learn from zero point.

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