Emptiness is the sign of genius

Today in this article I would like to talk about the emptiness, the emptiness is indication of “not knowing everything before there’s momentum abides and create the path of evolve”, by this I mean we must to realize the only thing can blockade the new sign of revolution is the feeling of pride, the reason why pride will clog the new idea because the feeling of pride can create the satisfaction.

Satisfaction will end the stream line of creativity because satisfaction will refuse everything looks new and it prefers to dwell in the comfort zone, otherwise the path of creativity is coming from making tons of mistake before the wisdom is appearing, sometimes we are made by almighty GOD to be emptiness in order to make us curiosity and feel everything in the bottom of life, fullness is not the sensible way to  reveal the truth because the fullness can’t be emptied by adding fullness, so the fullness can be emptied by getting emptiness, another word of emptiness is learning something and observing when we don’t know the meaning of it.

When we pretend to empty our vessel, means we will forget about the past time and we will start new thing by observing something in our surrounding area, unwittingly our vessel will be filled by making mistake because we don’t know anything at starting point, we don’t need to behave embarrassed because failure is inevitable and it always comes although we are not ready to welcome it.

The insatiable curiosity is the sign of genius because it will let us thinking something that we don’t ever know where the resourcefulness comes from, the human mind is like the deep well, when we draw the water from the well, the water in the well will be refilled by the life system although we are getting some information about who we are and what purpose we come in this world.

 The deep well is like the deep thinker, and the unusual thing will alter us to bring to the curiosity and the curiosity creates knowledge, the knowledge allows us to make the critical question, once the critical question is being made, we are going to enter the empty area, in that area we will meet with the adversity, finally we will get enlightenment and create wisdom to remake the better world.

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