How do I know I am safe from the life pain?

Today I would like to talk about the topic how do I know I am safe from the life pain, the first thing we should take note that every moment in this life is happening accurately and it’s coming from everybody’s consent and contribution they made in this world, in the reality many people are taking too much risky by doing something that they don’t realize about the legacy they build with, so they will engage the life’s pain, the life’s pain is going to appear when someone is going to step out of life rule’s permission.

The basic rule’s permission is learning and earning, life is not teaching how to take and enjoy something in this life, basically the life’s rule wants people to learn something even though people think the life’s treatment is not good to be utilized, it should not matter as much when people don’t like about the life’s treatment, the reason they don’t like about the life’s treatment because they don’t want to learn something new and they always behave to be same person in every single day.

The most stupidity in this life is when people try to ignore the priceless lesson from the life’s circumstance and they start to demand the higher price from this life, it sounds strange and absurdity because people think the life is running like money making machine, life is running like plastic, the faith will be molded into something different and all result are depending on the human’s consent, the life is not made to service what people need, life is the place when it let us to make mistake in order to let us know how to understand from nothing to something, 

When people are trying to ignore becoming a new person in every single day, meaning they deliberately let their souls to be trapped to the time travel in the past because they don’t want to create mistake, the question concerning with topic “how to know that I am safe from the life pain?” the first answer to reply that question is “don’t break the universe’s rule”, means we learn something from Almighty GOD’s wisdom and follow His rule, that is the first rule how to know whether we are safe or not from the life pain, the second answer is “respect the process”, life is process of movement from one address to another address which offers us about the opportunity, we must live through with it, once we deny the process, we will engage the life pain automatically, the third rule is “don’t live in the past’s moment”, but live in today’s moment to prepare something to tomorrow, that 3 steps how to countermeasure from the life pain. 

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