How do I know if my pain system is being over protective?

Today I would like to talk about the critical question “how do I know if my pain system is being over protective?”, as we know that pain will appear when we try to refuse the natural law which has been set since the universe was created, so there is no other reason to argue about the pain’s existence, what we need to do now is stop asking ourselves about how to reject the pain and starting to ask how much time we can understand about the pain system.

The pain system is like a self-protection, it will protect something important from inside and it will be linked with system, once we are trying to resist the security system or once we get out of the system’s reach, we will taste a pain and we will become the victim because we attack the pain, basically the human’s pain is not monster, it will protect us from the unnecessary dangerous thing, but when we try to understand the pain, we will be treated well and justice, the pain also can be utilized to be motivation and it keeps us going to the particular point area.

The life‘s pain system characteristic are fair, honest, integrity, perseverance, care, sincere, responsibility and persuasive, the human’s pain system can’t be modified or it can’t be manipulated in several ways, all we need to do is just living and sticking together with the existed the life’s system as long as we are alive, but there is turning point when we follow the pain’s system, as result our life will be guaranteed by having peacefully heart for everlasting.

the human’s pain system sometimes tells to our conscious mind about what we choose about something right or something wrong in our last determination, so the human’s pain system can be divided into two kind, the first thing is discipline and the second thing is regret, both of them will make us feel uncomfortable and feel suck for temporary time, remember this note; the greatness success in life can be built from the mind’s discipline and good attitude, so how to know that our pain system is being over protective is because of our unsteadiness during keeping our attitude, I hope when you read this article, you can start to understand about the human’s pain system and you will find your pain‘s system in your well-being, so you will no longer be treated injustice in this life, that’s law.


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