How do I retrain my pain system to be less protective?

Today I would like to talk about the critical question “how do I retrain my pain system to be less protective?” many people are trying to avoid this condition because they think the life’s pain is inevitable, sometimes pain can’t change the human attitude and sometimes pain can change the human attitude, all depends on how we think, how we react and how we feel about the pain itself.

I have shared my point of view in the previous article, the pain system is working like the self-protection, we are protected from the dangerous thing when we do something we don’t understand about the risk which may destroy our peacefully heart, based on my observation result, I see myself many people are deliberately taking risk without considering about the next effect.

The pain system can become less protective when we follow the life’s rule and engage the positive characteristic such as justice, integrity, loyal, honest, care, responsibility, persistent, etc. we may don’t have of those good characteristic but now that’s our opportunity to retrain our pain system in order to make us feel better and the pain system to be less protective, I will remind you again, the pain system is created not to fulfill human’s needs and evoke the human’s mind to feel insecure in this world but the pain system is created to teach human being how to survive.

So we need some strategies to remake better world, all the big things are determined from the smallest thing we have made it consistently to achieve higher purpose in this life, no matter how chaotic our creation, the smallest thing will become a participant to embody the new hope for ours, we can’t fill up our lives just depending on the baseline of material worlds although it is considered to become good for facilitating the human’s need, sometimes we do something for nothing to clear our mind from the complex problem, the solution how to retrain our pain system is making a new accomplishment in every single day, that’s we call life revolution, we have to make sure that new accomplishment is doing something different to make better idea.

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